The Importance of Creativity in Starting a New Business: Creativity is an essential trait of one’s life. It makes the process of absorbing knowledge easier and more efficient.

Creativity prohibits orthodox ways of thinking and engages the mind in a way that allows non-linear thinking. Creativity has always been the heart of the business. Here’s why…

The Importance of Creativity in Starting a New Business:

Creativity is actually the connection between our hearts and mind. It helps us to discover our own identity. Creativity helps in bringing light to our concealed talents and pushing our strengths. Creativity is very important in problem-solving. It helps in finding solutions to complex problems and encourages adaptability.

Creativity in Business:

Creativity is not limited to job titles such as marketers or designers. Instead, it is important in every field of the practical world.

It is, simply, not possible for any business to run problem-free. There will always be challenges and problems to be taken care of. Businesses must always be able to counter these threats by keeping a sound mind.

Innovation In New Business:

Creativity encourages innovation, a trait which is very significant for a business’ growth. Innovation might not always prove to be useful, but if you want to keep going forward, it’s a very useful quality to possess.

Productivity In New Business:

Sometimes, working smarter is better than working harder. It’s not beneficial for someone to work tirelessly for several hours, when the same task could’ve been done in much less time, using a smarter technique. Creativity helps in increasing productivity inside your work and encourages efficiency.

Adaptability In Business:

Every day, you have to face different challenges, if you are a business owner. With adaptability, you would be able to overcome these challenges in a relatively easier way. Creativity injects the attribute of adaptability in a business owner, so the operations could run smoothly.

Creativity is very important for a business’s growth and could prove to be the deciding factor, whether you are a fish in the river or holding a fishing rod.

Its significance, especially, increases if you are new in the market and just replaced the “For Rent” sign outside your business with the “Introductory Price”.

Adaptability In New Business
Adaptability In New Business

Why is creativity important in starting a business?

John Stuart Mill, the renowned English language philosopher of the 19th century, once said,

“All good things which exist are the fruits of originality”.

This philosophy also applies if you are starting a new business.

According to the US Business Formation Statistics (BFS), more than 3.8 million applications for new businesses were submitted in the first three quarters of 2022. The competition is tough and chances of success are relatively slim.

It’s for you to decide! If you are starting a new business, the clarity of your goals and approach is very important.

You must determine if you want to do the same as everyone else is doing. Or try to create your own identity, so that chances of your success or failure stay in your own hands.

Creativity is the Backbone of Your Business:

Innovation becomes a much bigger attribute if you are starting a new business. Uber is an example of applying innovation in business.

It completely changed the cab business. Its impact is not limited to only a few fields of business. Instead, the success of innovation can be seen from Apple in the technological world to Airbnb which changed the whole accommodation industry.

Productivity in Starting a New Business:

It is no secret that starting a new business brings a lot of workload with itself. Management of this workload will be one of the first challenges which the new business owner would have to face.

Creativity can be of big use for this cause. Creativity frees the mind so that you could think of better ways to cope with this challenge.

The usage of Artificial Intelligence in day-to-day operations is a perfect example of smart working in a workplace.

Artificial intelligence helps employers reduce the time required to complete tasks, hence increasing productivity.

Problem-solving in Starting a New Business:

Gathering the money to start a new business is, obviously, the biggest problem you’d face upfront. Keeping the expenditures minimum is a wise option.

But how to achieve this? Creativity, once again, can prove to be of much significance here. Creative planning of expenditures, intended to keep them minimum, can reduce the chances of your bank account shrinking.

Similarly to this, smart thinking enables rapid problem-solving of various other problems which you’d have to counter at the start.

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“Being different is good, and being different is what makes us stand out in the world”, Natalya Neidhart. Pick any field of business you want to start; you’d have to face countless competitors.

There is no point in being just like them. Why would a person leave your competitor and choose you if there’s absolutely no difference?

The situation, however, changes if you have some unique selling point. Take the example of Robinhood.

Robinhood was the first mobile-investing app to offer commission-free trading, which has become their leading USP throughout the years.

This was a massive breakthrough which made Robinhood stand out in the mobile-trading industry.

Growth in Starting a New Business:

Sometimes, we set some boundaries in our brains, without knowing. The growth of a business stops if we don’t break away from these boundaries. Dealing with every situation, the same is an easy but not-so-effective option.

A creative mind will have a different & unique response, every time a new situation arises. This ultimately leads to the growth of a business.

Baiju Bhatt (Left) & Vladimir Tenev (Right), founders of Robinhood Markets.


Albert Einstein once said,

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

It sure is! Like any other field of life, businesses need creativity.

Creativity is not limited to a few types of businesses or limited fields inside a business. Instead, every business or every field within a business can benefit from creativity, if applied in its true spirit.


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