Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World 2024. A honeymoon can be an exciting yet stressful experience especially when it comes to finding affordable honeymoon destinations that offer both romance and adventure.

By taking the time to research and compare different options couples can find a destination that meets their budget and provides a perfect start to their new life together.

Whatever destination they choose a well-planned and budget-friendly honeymoon can be just as memorable and romantic as a more expensive one.

Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World 2024:

So here we pick the top 10 best affordable honeymoon destinations that highlight their unique attractions and features to help you plan the perfect honeymoon that fits your budget.

10: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Best Honeymoon Destinations
Puerto Rico

A Tropical Haven accessible without a passport for a romantic tropical honeymoon to go to Puerto Rico. Where Travelers can take in the island lifestyle explore a tropical jungle and learn about the local culture.

Start with a hike to the breathtaking waterfalls of the national forest the only rainforest in the United States location offers plenty of hiking swimming waterfalls and Native Wildlife for nature enthusiasts.

After spending some time in the forest visit Old San Juan to enjoy the exciting nightlife and delicious Puerto Rican food.

Castillo San Felipe Del Moro a castle built in the 16th century in the Spanish style is a great place to learn about the past without seeing the beach of course no Journey to the island would be complete.

Visit Lukilo to spend the day at the beach and stop at one of the more than 60 family-run cascos to Luke Willow for lunch or a drink.

9: China

China Best Honeymoon Destinations

China is a favourite bucket list trip for many and Honeymooners will find lots of romantic options there even though it is rarely mentioned as a popular honeymoon location.

No vacation to China would be complete without seeing the Great Wall of China even though this may seem apparent.

Next, take some time to stroll inside the Forbidden City or join a guided tour of the palace grounds and Museum.

Following that go hand in hand through Chimwang Safari Park to see the giant pandas that live there.

For dinner taste tested a traditional Chinese dish known as Hot Pot in a romantic setting the Lanting Yushu restaurant.

8: Vietnam

Vietnam Best Honeymoon Destinations

The Valley of Love in Dalat Vietnam is the perfect place for newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. The Serene Waters of Dothan Laker are not the core of this theme Park’s fanciful Gardens peaceful strolling paths and heart-shaped decorations.

The Park’s one-dollar entrance fee is a great deal visit sunworld by Niles an amusement park unlike any other with art installations drilling coasters cable car rides and a spoof Ranch town.

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For further unusual picture options, the Golden Bridge is the most famous picture opportunity. It is a substantial pedestrian bridge that is shaped like two large hands holding it up in the air.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Hawaii in Old Town on the Esco World Heritage site with well-preserved architecture and ancient structures going back as far as the 15th century.

After spending some time at these tourist attractions you may also wish to add a trip to Hanoi to the itinerary if you want to experience the real commotion of Vietnam.

7: Costa Rica

Costa Rica Best Honeymoon Destinations
Costa Rica

Everything a honeymoon couple might want may be found in this beautiful location starting at around 65 dollars per night.

You may begin your journey by sleeping in a treehouse at bio-thermal hot springs and connecting with nature at their therapeutic natural Hot Springs.

A delicious breakfast created to order with locally sourced fresh ingredients is an option available to guests.

Take a trip to the Arena volcano or join a wildlife tour for a close-up encounter with local Costa Rican animals including monkeys sloths macaws and more.

If you want to discover more of the beauties of nature for a romantic Beach vacation mukastea is one of the hotels or resorts in Playa Hermosa to spend the day at the beach.

Before grabbing dinner at Vida Hermosa bar in a restaurant or catching a live music performance at Ginger restaurant along the oceanfront.

6: Belize

Belize Best Honeymoon Destinations

This small country in Central America may not strike you as a popular honeymoon destination but quite a few surprising hidden gems are making it a great choice.

For an inexpensive honeymoon destination, honeymooners can find luxurious accommodation for as little as twenty dollars per night and with Resort rooms the two hundred dollars per night.

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Price range With all the money saved on accommodation couples can spend more time taking in the natural beauty of this country by touring the Great Blue Hole for diving snorkelling or getting an aerial view of this natural wonder.

For more Adventure embark on a guided hiking tour of the world’s most sacred cave known as ATM cave.

Guests should be advised that this is a strenuous Scenic tour with a 45-minute hike involved but the hard work will be well worth the experience.

5: Portugal – Best Honeymoon Destinations

Portugal Best Honeymoon Destinations

As far as Europe goes arguably the most affordable honeymoon destination is Portugal but that doesn’t mean it lacks any charm or prestige.

This city is filled with Romance head to Cabo de Roca the westernmost point of Europe that was once believed to be the end of the world visitors.

You can enjoy unbeatable Cliffside views of the ocean and it’s the perfect spot for a couple’s photoshoot or bring your wedding dress for some gorgeous post-wedding photos.

After visiting the clefs hop on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Pina Park for romantic sunset views and the perfect relaxing tour of nature.

For a taste of history visit the 10th Century castle and Fortress known as Moorish Castle points of interest along the tour include tombs the Christian medieval necropolis the door of betrayal and the Royal Tower.

4: Thailand

Thailand Best Honeymoon Destinations

With everything from tropical beaches and rainforests to big cities and ancient buildings Thailand is one of the most well-liked honeymoon destinations.

Experienced culture firsthand the historic city of Ayutthaya Unesco world heritage site brimming with monasteries temples and ancient ruins.

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What could be more romantic than a full-day boat trip that includes a guided snorkelling tour with the licensed local guide and a Thai buffet lunch on the beach this is an adventure that is off the beaten road.

After exploring nature and cultural sites head to the capital city of Bangkok to experience vibrant street life and authentic Thai cuisine at Pad Thai Nano one of the best choices for an affordable honeymoon.

3: Mexico

Mexico Best Honeymoon Destinations

Visit Rivera Maya for a relaxed tropical honeymoon on Mexico’s Caribbean coast you want to go somewhere that is among the most reasonably priced honeymoon resorts.

Ex-Garrett Park must be visited if you want to have one of the most distinctive and memorable experiences.

Visitors may experience the natural Fauna of Mexico and the Aviary Butterfly House and coral reef aquarium well as swim and underground caverns and Sample authentic foods all in one location on this historic mine archaeological site.

Visit the area’s incredible Santos such as Car Wash Cenote and daso joseno for more picturesque natural wonders in these flooded cave systems.

Visitors can snorkel dive and swim through the pristine Waters or they can align in the setting with an on-site massage before indulging in culinary Excellence at the jungle restaurant.

2: Croatia – Best Honeymoon Destinations

Croatia Best Honeymoon Destinations

This European nation is at the height of romance with its numerous Vineyards all its gross and gorgeous beaches with Azure Blue Waters with a week-long sailing tour around the Dalmatian island.

With Croatian Island cruises you may have the most unforgettable honeymoon ever stopping in major cities like Dubrovnik split and Zagreb.

For an abundance of outdoor dining options with regional wine pairings beer and other beverages see one of Croatia’s natural beauties on a guided boat trip.

With a stop for swimming and snorkeling book a Blue Cave tour while you’re in split a waterfront massage many food carts and Cabanas for relaxing can all be found at the renowned Zeal acne Rat Beach so be sure to stop by.

1: Bali – Best Honeymoon Destinations

Bali Best Honeymoon Destinations

During the past several years everyone has placed a high priority on visiting this well-known romantic location.

Bali is a rainforest treehouse hotel with a pool and hammocks for lounging that offers romantic getaways to fantasy lands for as little as 60 dollars per night.

Only 10 minutes away the unit Resorts and Spa offers spa treatments for couples that include a traditional beeline massage a flowering scrub and a therapeutic flower bath.

For two visit the Ubud Monkey Forest a refuge and the natural home of more than one thousand Balinese long-tailed magick monkeys.

To experience life in the wild have a romantic candlelight dinner between the trees at Bridges Volley a casual fine dining restaurant with a wide array of wines and sophisticated BBQ favourites.

Anybody seeking an inexpensive honeymoon resort should put Bali at the top of their list without a doubt.

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