Christmas festivities around the world, you would not want to miss. Events like Christmas are the ultimate source of joy. Cheerful family get-togethers spread happiness and the holidays are a perfect getaway from the daily hectic life. These, including other attributes, make Christmas one excellent joyous occasion.

Christmas festivities around the world, you would not want to miss:

Christmas is one of the most celebrated events around the world. People from Sydney to Tokyo indulge in the fever of Christmas and celebrate it in their own unique ways. Let’s take a look at the different festivities of Christmas around the world.

Winter Wonderland – London:

London is one of the most visited places in the world. So how can they not contribute to this wonderful event.

London’s Hyde Park becomes Winter Wonderland when Christmas is around the corner. It is one of the world’s biggest festivals.

It offers a big variety of fun-filled activities which make it a must-visit event when you are in London during holidays. You can,

  • Skate on UK’s biggest outdoor rink. The fun thing about that is you can do this while listening to live music.
  • Watch circus. Enjoy the acrobats diving in the spirit of holidays and savour every moment.
  • Ride Observation wheel. The huge observation wheel is a must-ride when you are visiting there with your loved ones.
  • Visit the Ice Kingdom. This ‘magical” place has 500 tons of ice used in different ways, like ice palace and much more.

Like @dults, winter wonderland has a lot to offer for kids as well. There are many fun-filled activities to do for kids here, which makes it an excellent family festival. Zippos Christmas Circus and traditional fairground are a few examples.

Winter Wonderland – London
Winter Wonderland – London

Budapest Christmas Fair – Hungary:

Although Christmas is celebrated in many places, but few European cities have a unique way of doing it.

Hungary is famous for doing justice to the Christmas cause. It has a beautiful traditional way of celebrating Christmas which highlights the true holiday spirit.

The Budapest Christmas Fair occurs in Vörösmarty Square. The square is in the heart of the city.

For a few weeks, that particular area of the city turns into a sort of Winter Market. Visitors can buy gifts from multiple wooden cottage stalls placed in these markets.

The fair takes place in an excellent location too. It is “organized” right in front of the renowned Gerbeaud Coffee House.

People can start to feel Christmas festivities when they are about to reach the end of street Vaci.

The “market” also offers famous eateries as well. Honey cookies, which you can buy from the above-mentioned stalls are worth travelling for.

The Cinnamon and fir of this fair are also very famous. Traditional Hungarian beats and programs reflecting culture make this fair a fair to remember.

Budapest Christmas Fair - Hungary:
Budapest Christmas Fair – Hungary:

Winterfest Boat Parade – USA:

Christmas is an event that brings people together. Organizing a “boat parade” is an excellent step so that people can enjoy this joyous occasion with each other. The Winterfest Boat Parade is perceived as the start of the South Florida holiday season.

Yachts are decorated with Christmas lights which make them a colourful sight. The view is amazing and people are gathered in the surrounding bars and restaurants for the sight. You’d have to arrive early to “book” a spot though, as a lot of people are in line to watch it.

The Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade is often called as the “Greatest Show on H2O”.

Winterfest Boat Parade – USA:
Winterfest Boat Parade – USA:

This parade also attracts a big number of visitors and is a positive factor for the local economy. Almost one million spectators watch this 12-mile parade.

Rules for joining the parade are not so difficult also. The entry fee is very little and not too heavy on the pocket.

The decoration must be the same on both sides of your boat. You can always avail services of professional decorators to enhance your boat’s beauty.

Yokohama Christmas Market – Tokyo:

Although identified Christian population in Japan is very low, a large number of Japanese people celebrate Christmas in true spirit.

Yokohama Christmas Market at Yokohama’s Akarenga (Red Brick Warehouse) is a very good example of that.

The Red Brick Warehouses were originally built to serve as traditional houses. With the passage of time, restaurants and shops took their place.

The Christmas Market is in the open space surrounded by brick buildings. Near the water is a huge Christmas tree.

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The best time to visit this festival is evening, as your photos become more awesome with the illuminations and a huge decorated Christmas tree. It also offers an open-air ice-skating rink but it gets too crowded at times.

Yokohama Christmas Market – Tokyo:
Yokohama Christmas Market – Tokyo:

In the past, these markets were free and entry was not restricted. But due to COVID, it got cancelled in 2021 and now ticketing is introduced.

The number of attendees is also made limited. The Lindt shop gets a better number of visitors as it sells both chocolates and Lindt hot cocoa.

The Rocks Christmas Markets – Australia:

Another entertaining Christmas festival takes place in Sydney. Many Christmassy markets are organized in Australia and The Rocks Christmas Markets is one of them. During December, this market can be visited at Playfair Street The Rocks NSW 2000 Australia.

The Rocks Christmas Markets – Australia:
The Rocks Christmas Markets – Australia:

You can start to feel its impact when you enter The Rocks via the First Fleet Park stairway.

The first thing you will notice is the beautiful lighting and fairly decorated Christmas trees. You will be welcomed in this harborside by live music and DJs.

You’ll find holiday-themed, gourmet street food in this Christmas Market. The food includes burgers, paella and ice cream to doughnuts.

You can also do “essential” gift shopping from there as the markets have dozens of stalls.

These stalls, mostly run by the locals, are renowned for their unique offerings and variety.

Be it jewellery and cosmetics or different artworks and chocolates, visitors have multiple options to buy gifts for their loved ones.

All these things and even more will make your visit to The Rocks Christmas Markets a memorable one.

Christmas festivity is not only limited to the above-mentioned places. As different cities and countries have different traditions to celebrate Christmas, this makes holidays one special time of the year.

A time during which people can forget about their troubles and get into the groove of the fun-filled holidays.


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