Kanye West Exposes Beyonce and Jay-Z for making Hollywood sacrifices. The entertainment industry is still being criticized by Kanye West for mind control and Illuminati-like actions.

In the wake of losing his $1 billion deal with Adidas, the rap and fashion tycoon has toned down his public outbursts. But last week, when a paparazzi confronted him, he let go of his fury.

Kanye West Exposes Beyonce and Jay-Z for making Hollywood sacrifices:

West mentioned several Black celebrities in a clip obtained by The Shade Room that he believes are being “managed” by the media.

West said,

“They can’t control me.”

They are in charge of Shaq. Charles Barkley can be managed by them. They have LeBron James under control. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are under their control. But they are powerless over me. You see, I won’t mention any names. It’s up.”

He continued by mentioning his mother’s death in 2007 and attributing it to her having been “sacrificed” like the late father of Michael Jordan and the late sons of Bill Cosby and Dr Dre.

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West also said,

“My mama ain’t here.” “My mother was killed.”

Michael Jordan, how’s he doing? His father, yes? His son, Bill Cosby and Dr Dre. In Hollywood, a lot of people go missing and never turn up. It seems possible that a lot of it is being done to traumatise in order to control.

The founder of Yeezy went on to make vague criticisms of the powerful people in the industry who wish to “monetize” and “traumatize” Black celebrities.

He also discussed the lost business he had with Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga, which reduced his net worth by $400 million and returned him to multi-millionaire status.

They seek to exploit and cause trauma, West continued.

“And God loves me, they hit me, took my Gap and Adidas away. Forbes, who is right to despise me, had to report that I have a $400 million net worth. The monarch is Jesus. God cherishes me.

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West’s most recent statements follow a month filled with missed opportunities as a result of being accused of being anti-Semitic.

NBA player Kyrie Irving, who shared a link to the documentary Hebrew to Negroes, and comedian Dave Chappelle, who over the weekend made light of the anti-Semitism topic during his Saturday Night Live opening monologue, have both become involved in the discussion.


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