Hawk Tuah Girl has got to be one of the most satisfying ways of showing how to spit I have ever seen. It comes from an interview of a woman who when asked to move in bed makes man go crazy. She says oh you got to give him that Hawk Tuah and spit on that thing you get me.

Hawk Tua Girl Video Trending on X – Who is Hawk Tuah Girl?

This interview was conducted by Tim and DTV on the 11th of June and the two guys have made it their career to interview young women on a night out clearly looking for people to give outrageous reactions.

That being said this can get a little exploitative given these girls are often pretty drunk and it’s not clear if they’d say the same thing sober.

But I am assuming they are signing some kind of release form at this stage due to the spread of this meme.

A hell of a lot of effort was put into finding the identity of this girl and eventually, a Facebook post by Fathead threads would reveal who she is in an image promoting Hawk Tuah.

Hawk Tuah girl
Hawk Tuah girl

You can see that she is signing her name as Haley although since then she appears to have gone radio silent.

This is fair enough not everyone wants the insane levels of Fame that come with being turned into a meme even though this one is essentially harmlessly goofy.

Hopefully, she manages to earn a little bit of cash through her promotion with fad threads as becoming a meme is notoriously difficult to capitalize on unless you have proper business or social media Savvy at any rate.

At this stage you may be wondering but with everything going on in the world why is a clip of a girl explaining how to spit going viral?

Hawk Tua Girl Original Video:

Well, videos about people just saying things in a funny way used to be one of early meme culture’s most popular genres.

The boom girl from Australia is a great example of this in her interview in 2009 whereupon she says the words and then they pulled out a gun and just went boom ch boom. In relation to a made-up story about two people fighting and shooting led to a massive meme.

How does a Travel Agent get paid?

At the time complete with music remixes the fact that Hawk Tuah has taken exactly the same path is by Design on behalf of Tim and D TV who likely uploaded the part of the interview that was the most exciting.

In the hopes that it would make them famous too in short Hawk has become this uncontrollable monster of a sound bite that comes from a very funny girl on a night out and yet her radio silence on social media.

At this stage except for one promotion with fad threads perhaps shows a reluctance to embrace this Fame.


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