Suppose you are looking to start a print-on-demand business with Printify. In that case, I do want to give you many tips before ever starting or if you already have a print-on-demand Printify business open.

This article will be super information-packed on things that I wish I had known before ever starting a print-on-demand business with Printify.

10 Things to Know Before Using Printify – print-on-demand business with Printify:

I wanted to share 10 different things that I wish I had known before starting with Printify that saved me quite a bit of money and time and made me more efficient in my print-on-demand business.

1: Bestseller area on Printify:

So the first thing to know is to use the best seller area on Printify now if you go to the drop-down of categories you can look at best sellers.

So what Printify does is they have an area that shows all the best-selling products on their website.

This is across all platforms we are talking about Shopify that’s eBay and any other platform that integrates with Printify that list shows you exactly what is selling and what’s high in demand right now as far as product types go.

If you ever need ideas or inspiration or to know what to even sell in your first print-on-demand business this is a great place to start.

If you are ever looking to pull inspiration for what to design for and different products to create for or that’s one of my favourite places to go because Printify has that data and you can find it all there on what’s selling for other sellers a great indication to you what you can go into as well.

2: Design on Printify – Start a print-on-demand business with Printify:

The second thing to know is that you can design on Printify and you do not need any other design software if that is not within your budget.

I will say there are a lot of other programs that have free trials or free memberships that you can use such as Canva.

Let’s say you want to use certain graphics on Canva you can do so and one of the other software that I would recommend is Creative Fabrica.

You can find Graphics to use with the text that you can add on Printify. Printify has 300 different fonts that you can select now, which is a huge plus.

Again just using Printify and a benefit is that you can just design and do everything in Printify and Printify is free.

If you wanted to start an Etsy business you could just do Printify and Etsy you just have to pay 20 cents per listing for Etsy but also you could start a Printify pop-up store.

And you don’t have to pay Etsy listing fees if you have social media and maybe friends or family that you want to sell to on Printify pop-up that is an option as well.

3: Create and Buy Product Templates:

The third thing is you can create product templates and buy product templates. This is where you create one product you set the pricing you can duplicate this and put it in your design.

It makes the process of creating a lot of different products at once very quick so that’s something that I do.

Start Earning on Printify

I copy about five times every product that I create especially if I’m creating different designs for one product and it’s really easy to do.

I highly recommend using the duplicate or copy feature on Printify under the My Products area this is going to speed up your workflow so much quicker than just creating every product individually and again this is something that I wish I had known sooner.

4: Scale your designs to multiple product types:

The fourth thing to know is you can scale your designs to multiple product types quickly by replacing the product in my product section and it’s a really neat feature.

5: Printify premium:

The fifth thing that I wish I knew was that Printify premium saved me so much money and by saving I would say profit because I made so much more profit by using Printify premium.

It knocked off a dollar off of every order and once I hit the order volumes of over 25 to 30 individual products being sold.

I was making back the money that it cost for Printify premium which is around 25 to 30 dollars I haven’t recently looked at it but I think you saved more by paying annually and I pay annually.

It was literally so much money I was saving once I got to the threshold of 100 orders and then I hit 300 orders a month and then 500 orders a month and I got back in profit thousands of dollars over a year.

So I highly recommend doing Printify premium because you are going to keep so much more profit by switching to Printify premium once you hit that threshold that it makes sense for your business.

6: Printify supports:

The sixth thing to know is that Printify supports their sellers way more than I think is talked about which I have seen throughout the Etsy and print-on-demand community.

This is something that maybe a lot of new sellers assume that Printify won’t support you and help you as a seller.

But it’s the complete opposite they want to support their Sellers and business owners who are partnering with them.

One way that they do that is if you have defective items or you have a missing package sent to your customer Printify will replace that and not charge you unless it’s outside of their policy.

I do want to say I would read the print advice policy usually it’s a 30-day policy so let’s say your customer reports an item missing 45 days or 90 days.

If you have a lost package if an item is defective let’s say a sleeve has a hole in it that your customer is claiming that there’s a hole or maybe there’s a stain on the product maybe the print was incorrect.

Printify takes care of you all you have to do is submit an order issue underneath the order within usually it’s a few weeks to 30 days Printify will reach back out to you and in most cases they will replace or refund you so that you can refund the customer.

And they don’t only just refund you the amount of the product they refund the shipping they also refund the taxes if you were charged for taxes.

So I can’t say enough that Printify cares about you and your business and they will take care of you.

7: Transfer and Copy Products – start a print-on-demand business with Printify:

The seventh thing to know is that with Printify you can transfer and copy all of the products that you created on the My Product section to a completely different platform with a few clicks of a button.

When you create that new shop on Printify’s back end and you integrate it to let’s say Shopify and you select all of your products on Etsy you can copy to and select that new shop after a few minutes all of those listings will be sent over to that new shop.

Create Your First Printify Store

And a lot of the time all you have to do is publish those listings so again you will select all and publish if you want to do it all together in bulk or you can add feature pictures of those listings before publishing to Shopify.

8: Printify Order Routing:

The next thing to know about Printify is that they have a feature called order routing. There are hundreds of print providers on Printify.

One of the huge benefits of working with them is if let’s say a Gildan 5000 t-shirt that you sold in size small goes out of stock with one print provider that you selected for example maybe Monster Digital.

Swift Pod had that Gildan 5000 in colour white and size small in their inventory then you can route that order to Swiftpod and they will print pack and ship that item and send it to that customer.

This is one huge Pro of Printify and one of the reasons why I love this company is because it has been able to save my time.

9: Printify Resale Certificate:

The ninth thing to know with Printify is that you can apply for a resale certificate. Now I want to say that I am not a tax professional so I cannot answer many questions as far as resale certificates go now.

There is what Printify has on it which is a resale tax certificate and this will make you exempt from getting charged from Printify for that tax.

However, I do want to say that this is based primarily on the country that you live in per state so you will want to talk to some type of tax expert or professional if you have any further questions.

If you go to apply on Printify’s website they do provide more information on how to get what you need to apply for this resale certificate.

10: Printify Custom Branding:

So the tenth thing to know with Printify is that Printify has now custom branding options available for your print-on-demand business.

So they have custom inserts that can be inserted into packages with that being said you can use Canva templates to create your type of thank you message that you can send to every customer.

And what I recommend for these branding inserts is to offer a coupon for people to come back.

Also if you are on social media make sure to say follow on social media for maybe more promotions and discounts and just little custom inserts.

Like this can go a long way and also give your business some more repeat purchases as time goes on I will say this is only for certain print-on-demand providers.

Monster Digital is one of them and Diamond Tea is another one of them you can also brand the inside labels of t-shirts and other parts of products.

Now with these two print-on-demand providers, I know that a lot of other print-on-demand providers will open up to doing this type of custom branding as time goes on.

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