Did you hear the story about this couple who were supposedly caught in the middle of a New York City public park getting it on in front of everybody? At first, no one knew who they were but then we got another point of view showing their faces clearly.

Couple caught ‘making love’ in NYC park, What Happened? The controversy began when a video surfaced online.

Couple caught ‘Making Love’ under a blanket at New York Park:

A video of a couple under a blanket in Manhattan’s busy Battery Park has gone viral on social media. This happened in a public New York City park in front of mothers families, and little children and everybody was shocked.

By the time these two emerged from under the covers, onlookers say they had been there all day long enjoying each other.

The video went viral, garnering over 40 million views today, earning them the nickname, “NYC blanket couple“.

Many viewers assume they were engaged in inappropriate behaviour which makes things even more shocking. After some time, the couple removes the blanket and relaxes in the park.

But let’s see in the video TikTok films a couple rolling around under a blanket presuming they’re engaging in s3nsual acts.

A New York couple’s brazen behaviour in a crowded park has shocked the internet. Some people have said that the police should have been called and they should have been arrested because they need to be added to the s3x offender list.

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The incident taking place in broad daylight many viewers are shocked by the assumed act and wonder why the couple couldn’t wait until they got home.

What do you think were this couple getting it on under the covers in plain sight or do people just have an overactive imagination leave a comment and let us know.


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