Dubai New Year Night – UAE. Is Dubai looking for a unique welcome for 2022? As it’s is the leading destination for Holiday’s events and because of iconic Fireworks at Burj Khalifa, Burj Plaza, Kite Beach, Palm Jumeirah. Along with special hotel Discounts and Shopping festivals.

Dubai New Year Night – UAE:

The great music festival that will be held in Dubai is Meydan showing legends music icons globally. another big event will be held at Nasimi Beach Dubai at the Atlantis-the Palm between 3 PM to 3 AM.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai:

You will see your safe at Dubai creek is steeped in Emirati history and reflects the nation’s current and age-old traditions.

You can also expect hundreds of shopping and dining destinations offering cuisines from around the world with many restaurants overlooking the creek.

If you’re looking for a bit of tradition there’s even a two hundred room heritage hotel offering a taste of what life was once like on the creek.

Dubai Parks and Resorts are absolutely huge and you will love it, It includes a giant movie-inspired theme parkland filled with Lego a record-breaking roller coaster a thrilling water park and other fun ways to play.

Aqua venture and Atlantis

The palm Atlantis is a water Wonderland in one of Dubai’s glitziest addresses the hotel has loads of award-winning restaurants from Nobu to Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen.

some of the Suites are even underwater but when you’re not glued to the windows of your room pay a visit to the Aqua venture water park. If you’re feeling brave you could even try the record-breaking leap of faith slide.

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Burj Al Arab:

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one of the most striking buildings in the world and it’s visible from pretty much every point in the city.

If you’re looking for a real treat then why not visit the gold on 27 bar or head out to the back of the building where you’ll find scape on the stunning outdoor terrace.

Watch Dubai’s 2021 New Year fireworks display:

Burj Khalifa:

The Burj Khalifa now even if you don’t usually have a head for Heights. While in Dubai you need to take a trip up the Burj Khalifa the aspiring building is the tallest in the entire world.

It is an incredible 828 meters high with 160 floors while there you can go up to the 148 floors and marvel at the views of the city or you could stop off at the world’s highest restaurant atmosphere which says classic European food on the floor 122.

Dubai Museum:

At Dubai Museum you can form a vivid picture of the device past in a single visit the historic building is home to loads of life-sized dioramas that show emirate life from a bygone era it’s the perfect way to learn how the foundations were laid for the bustling cosmopolitan to buy that we know today.

Global Village:

The Global Village started in 1997 as little more than a small market but now it’s grown into one of the five largest annual attractions more than 5 million people visited last year.

And the village has morphed from a market to a global themed part from Fair Park cultural festival and pop market there are more than 100 themed kiosks offering street food from around the world while the huge main stage hosts performances every weekend.

IMG worlds of adventure:

The UAE doesn’t do things by heart as we all know and IMG worlds of adventure is no exception the indoor theme park is the biggest on the planet taking up the space of 28 football pitches.

The goal gets it is for fun for all the family with exhilarating rides to move these brilliant dining options and shopping attractions in a sprawling space.

It is massive it’s all separated into four distinct adventure zones featuring a stellar cast of superheroes.

So if you want to see spider-man the Hulk Iron Man and The Avengers all in one day is absolutely worth heading here.

Dubai fountain:

The spectacular Dubai fountain show is a hit with city dwellers and tourists alike it shoots out spectacular jets into the sky.

With a range of different songs from classical music to contemporary Arabian tracks and classic pop songs, there are plenty of spots to catch the half-hourly performance.

Dubai Skydive:

Dubai skyline is usually pretty amazing from the balcony of your hotel or apartment. So why not see this city from a little bit higher.

Skydive Dubai offers all the throws that are free for a lightning quick one and 20 miles an hour tandem skydive with an experienced instructor held at the firm’s campus that overlooks the desert dunes.

However if you are looking for that perfect new profile picture why not fly high over to Palm Jumeirah the view is incredible.

The VR Park:

This virtual reality theme park has 18 attractions and takes you to distant planets in the future and a fully virtual device.

There’s also the raft where four of you all go into a 25 square meter room gear up and into a world where your raft is floating along a deep south river and you’re being attacked by mysterious beings from another dimension set aside a good few hours for this one as you’ll want to savour it for sure.

Wild Wadi water park:

Wild Wadi offers dozens of rides and attractions for the family and is located just in front of Burj Al Arab part guests can experience meet high waves all sit back and enjoy the weather on the lazy river thrill-seekers are also spoilt for choice with rides including the tantrum Alley and the Burj Surj.


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