A professor of history at Dallas College Dr Andrew McGregor tweeted criticism of John Madden (Who Just Died A Day Ago) and called football ‘planation cosplay’.

Professor Dr Andrew McGregor Criticizes John Madden, Calls Football planation Cosplay:

On Tuesday the football world lost a beloved figure when the legendary head coach and gaming/broadcasting analyst John Madden passed away. And we all have heard about this sad news.

He helped change the way the sporting world played video games. His Madden video games have sold over 100 million copies.

However, not everyone is a fan but there would also be a person who still has problems with John Madden, and this guy is Dr Andrew McGregor.

Madden, who is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was 85 years old. While his on-field accomplishments were incredible, his off-field persona may have been an even bigger deal.

What Did Dr Andrew McGregor Say:

A history professor at Dallas College, tweeted out a thread that was worthy of a huge ratio that tied Madden’s game to ‘further glamorized violence and dehumanized Black athletes, helping to establish plantation cosplay that has grown worse in the era of fantasy football.’

I have lots of opinions on John Madden. The creation of the Madden video game was not a great development for the U.S. It further glamorized violence and dehumanized Black athletes, helping to establish plantation cosplay that has grown worse in the era of fantasy football.

He also Tweeted,

The video game distanced the reality of the violent sport from fans, and transformed human behaviours into artificial numbers and simulations. It glamorized athletes, using their names for profits while encouraging fans to disregard humanity. Madden built a digital plantation.

And the thread doesn’t stop there,

At every point in his career — coach, announcer, video game producer — Madden profited off of Black athletic labour and glamorized the violence inherent in the game. He became ubiquitous and grew the NFL into the most popular game, and hastened the development of esports.

Another Tweet,

When your entire life is based on expanding and profiting off of one the of most violent and exploitative games, veneration is not exactly something that you deserve.

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Twitter Responds to Dr Andrew McGregor:

Of course, the tweet went viral on Twitter and the professor was dragged for his comment.

So, the first tweet garnered a ratio of just over 11,000 replies and 13,000 quote tweets to near 500 likes.

NFL insider Benjamin Allbright may have put it best when he said:

“Can’t wait for your essay on how Super Mario Brothers set back Italian Americans. We would all be better off if people would just stop with the faux-intellectualism and these laughably insipid word salad essays.”

Yeah, it was very much not the best time to sling dirt on John Madden after the NFL legend died just a day or two ago.

It’s also not the best idea to link the Madden games to political or cultural talking points such as ‘slavery’ or ‘dehumanizing’ athletes of colour in the same sentence.

Professor Getting Crushed For What He Said About John Madden. There are plenty of other responses too on his Tweet.

We know that his bio says ‘views my own,’ Perhaps this professor should take some time to think before tweeting. McGregor should’ve kept those negative takes to himself.


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