Pakistan’s popular musical program Cook Studio Season 14 started with the song ‘Tu Jhoom‘ in which legendary singers Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal evoked the magic of their voices.

Abida Parveen, Naseebo Lal’s ‘Tu Jhoom’ is soul-stirring and celebs, fans agree:

Weeping and crying – explaining the reason for meeting Abida Parveen Naseebo Lal respectfully – Tu Jhoom:

So before the recording of Jhoom, a video of mutual respect between singer Abida Parveen and singer Naseebo Lal went viral on social media, in which it was seen how Abida Parveen is humbly meeting Naseebo Lal.

Abida Parveen & Naseebo Lal warmly greet each other before their Coke Studio performance:

A large number of users on the viral video praised the two singers, but they also had a question in their minds as to what was the reason for Abida Parveen’s humility.

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Weeping and crying, explaining the reason for meeting Abida Parveen Naseebo Lal respectfully:

In this regard, Abida Parveen said in a video statement that as a child my mother had made me a prisoner of the door of Hazrat Imam Hussain (as), this literature and respect is the religion of his door.

Abida Parveen also said that we are human beings and our status is nothing. At the same time, the singer kept crying while telling this story.


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