Before the snow falls all over the world, warnings are issued that the weather in this area can be bad at any time, so stay home.

What to do if you get stuck in heavy snow? Extremely useful tips for troubled tourists:

Here are some precautionary measures that can be taken to avoid further damage to tourists trapped in the snow.

This was stated by environmentalist Tawfiq Pasha Meraj that,

People who are stuck in cars with their children or family should turn off their car to save petrol or diesel until help arrives. If possible, open the car window slightly.

Park the car on the side of the road with the help of someone and not in the middle of the road put iron chains on the tires and if possible do not run the heater to keep the car warm.

People also turn on the heater in a crowded car, which increases the chances of suffocation in the car and makes it difficult to breathe.

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If you have two or three people in a car, then the heat of human life will keep the car warm from inside.

In no case do not leave your car on foot as you cannot predict the weather conditions beyond where you are standing. It is better to sit in the car than to be alone on the road.


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