Lindsay Ellis, who got cancelled earlier this year, has announced that she has quit YouTube and other content channels.

Who is Lindsay Ellis and Why does Lindsay Ellis Quit Twitter?

YouTuber Lindsay Ellis has called it quits. Fans say that Ellis had to leave Twitter because she was “harassed to her breaking point” for an old tweet where she said that ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ was a ripoff of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.

Why Did Lindsay Ellis Quit Twitter? Twitter Post Explained:

The YouTuber made her announcement via a Twitter post on Monday, December 27th.

Who is Lindsay Ellis and Why She has Quit YouTube?

Lindsay Ellis is a content creator and YouTuber. Ellis runs a successful YouTube channel that has clocked over a million followers so far. She creates video essays and “other nondescript content”, as described by her.

“Enjoy these hottest of takes on Disney, Transformers, and Musicals. All hail the Algorithm,” her YouTube bio adds.

She has amassed 318k followers on Twitter and also shares content on Patreon.

In a recent Twitter post, Ellis bid her fans ‘goodbye’.

What Did Lindsay Ellis do? ‘Omelas’ Meaning As Vlogger Quits YouTube Over ‘Raya’ Controversy:

Lindsay has confirmed that she has quit YouTube and other content on Monday (December 27th).

In March this year, YouTuber-author Lindsay Ellis found herself at the centre of a troll fest.

The ‘harassment’, as her fans say, was triggered by her tweets, in which she had called ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ a redux of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.

The YouTuber got ‘cancelled’ in March 2021 after she shared her thoughts about Raya and the Last Dragon and Avatar: The Last Airbender in a tweet, which led to mixed reactions on social media.

In a since-deleted tweet, she wrote:

“Also watched Raya and the Last Dragon and I think we need to come up with a name for this genre that is basically Avatar: the Last Airbender reduxes. It’s like half of all YA fantasy published in the last few years anyway.”

lindsay ellis Tweet
lindsay ellis Tweet

Lindsay tried to justify her tweet in another post after backlash from users, writing at the time:

“I can see where if you squint I was implying all Asian-inspired properties are the same, especially if you were already privy to those conversations where I had not seen them. But the basic framework of TLA is becoming popular in fantasy fiction outside of Asian inspired stuff.”

Lindsay tried to justify her tweet in another post
Lindsay tried to justify her tweet in another post

However, Ellis tweeted later, possibly in an effort to explain her earlier tweet, which some thought exhibited a lack of “research” and her post led to more backlash from social media users which got her ‘cancelled’.

Following the drama, Lindsay apologised in a 40-minute YouTube video titled ‘Mask Off’ in which she addressed how the word ‘cancelled’ originated, and how netizens have given rise to the ideology of “Twitter villain of the day.”

Nine months later, the YouTuber has announced her decision to quit all content in a lengthy Patreon essay. Lindsay wrote that her initial plan was to make a brief announcement in a tweet but she felt she needed to come forward with a statement since she has subscribers who pay for her content.

When not tied up in wires in her Los Angeles home studio, Ellis writes. Her debut sci-fi title ‘Axiom’s End’ was received well.

“The blistering fast read isn’t bogged down with unnecessary subplots or language to slow down the action,”

Eugene Weekly reviewed and added that she has constructed a world that makes the aliens unique without,

“falling into the sci-fi traps of limiting readers with hard science references, too much space opera-y or clichés.”

In her essay, Lindsay wrote that having a career in the public eye is a “losing game” and that her tweets and apology have ‘backfired’ at her many times. She added that all of this led to her decision to “remove” herself from the online conversation.

A lot of Lindsay’s followers have noted that the backlash she’d received for months have led to her decision to exit social media.

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Social Media Users Reactions to the Lindsay Ellis Exit:

Fans are now saying that Ellis has quit social media following months of humiliation over her tweets. Many Twitter users have shared their thoughts over Lindsay’s decision to quit social media, addressing the cancel culture and the consequences of it.

one Twitter user wrote,

“Lindsay Ellis is literally calling it quits because of that Raya tweet. She has over a million YouTube subscribers and about 9,000 Patrons and her career couldn’t survive *one* problematic tweet. That’s what operating in that toxic space is like,”

Another user Tweeted,

“The whole Lindsay Ellis thing is a great reminder that we need to admit cancel culture DOES exist. It just only functions against people without power to begin with, usually on the left. We’re tearing each other apart out of performative righteousness and it’s hurting people.”

The Third user said,

“What happened to Lindsay Ellis is an indictment against the cannibalism of the online left. A woman was harassed to her breaking point because she said a movie reminded her of a show and the people who did it thought they were heroes when really they are just toxic shitty people.”


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