Coach Bruce Arians Texts With Antonio Brown: “The Team Mishandled This Situation”. The Buccaneers’ feud with Antonio Brown is becoming uglier by the day.

Antonio Brown Shares Texts Messages With NFL Coach Bruce Arians:

Before Brown’s viral exit in Sunday’s Buccaneers-Jets game at MetLife Stadium, the former Buccaneers wideout took to Twitter and Instagram on Thursday to publish screengrabs of claimed text texts he exchanged with Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians.

The graphics in the texts depict a chat between the coach and the player about Brown’s ankle issue, which he first sustained earlier in the season and for which he was forced to miss five games.

Antonio Brown escalates Buccaneer’s drama with Bruce Arians texts:

'You're done': Bruce Arians, Tom Brady address Antonio Brown
One of the texts shared by Antonio Brown

Brown responded when Arians allegedly contacted him on December 30 and said, “This is BA.” Make sure you’re set to depart the next day. We’re not going to take a break for the playoffs.”

Brown posted a photo of himself getting treatment on his right ankle from a trainer, telling Arians that he “can’t get to full speed” while dealing with the issue.

Antonio Brown: Tampa Bay 'threw me out like an animal' after mid-game walk-off, says NFL star
He says the coach knew about his injury.

Antonio Brown Texts With Coach Bruce Arians: “The Team Mishandled This Situation”:

Brown seemed to be attempting to establish that Arians was aware of his injury. After Brown declared he was too injured to participate on Sunday, he said Arians informed him “you’re done.”

Brown said in another tweet on Thursday that his teammates were “unaware of [his] meetings with coach (Arians) last week.”

“Don’t get it mixed up. My brothers have always been supportive of me. We were a top-tier unit from Tom to practise squad. They’ve been wonderful to me and were completely unaware of my conversations with Coach last week. This scenario was handled incorrectly by the team. They failed me and, more importantly, my teammates,” Brown tweeted on Thursday.

“The team mishandled this situation. They let me down and, more importantly, my teammates”.

Plot thickens as Antonio Brown’s viral texts expose NFL coach:

Arians told reporters during a news conference this week that Brown did not contact him about the injury until the day of the game, and he declined to discuss “a talk” he had with Brown before the receiver’s shirtless escape from the field.

The Bucs coach also stated that if a player gets an injury, they should go to the trainer, who will inform Arians that the player is out.

Brown tweeted with the purported text messages, “Health over Wealth,” and the hashtag “#Barbarian.” Before releasing the screengrabs, he also tweeted “Barbarian.”

Brown then posted a screenshot of an alleged text exchange with Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s longtime trainer and TB12 business partner, on his Instagram Story on December 24.

A lengthy statement from Antonio Brown, announcing he’s having ankle surgery and giving his side of Sunday:

He claimed Guerrero is “charging me $100,000” despite “never doing the work on me!” in the post, which he tagged Brady in.

“How can you ever work with somebody like this!” Brown added. This is the situation I was in.”

Antonio Brown calls out Tom Brady, Alex Guerrero on Instagram over money
Brown shared a message allegedly sent by Tom Brady’s trainer.

Brown left the Week 17 encounter in the third quarter on Sunday. He rips off his shoulder pads on the sideline before hurling his gloves and shirt into the crowd at MetLife Stadium, according to viral videos. He then rushed across the end zone, pumping his arms in the air, to the dressing room.

On January 6, 2022, the Buccaneers released Antonio Brown.

The Buccaneers have officially released Antonio Brown. Brown “is no longer a Buc,” Arians said after the game in a postgame press conference.

“I wish him well. If he needs help, I hope he gets some. It’s very hard. Because I do care about him,”  He explained, “I care about him a bunch. I hope that he’s OK.”

Bursytn said Brown “needs surgery.” He also shut down “false rumors” that Brown’s exit in Sunday’s win against the Jets is related to “mental health issues.”

Brady has also stated his support for Brown on numerous occasions.

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The Buccaneers are allegedly in talks with the NFL to figure out how to handle the Brown problem.

Brown’s departure and claims against the Buccaneers and Arians have yet to be handled by the NFL.


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