Pokimane declared that the suspension will last 48 hours, after which she will return with a 12-hour live stream.

Pokimane banned on Twitch after streaming Avatar – The Last Airbender – DMCA:

The well-known streamer was spilling a 10-hour Avatar: The Final Airbender watch party to tens of thousands of fans ⁠— reflected to undertake and skirt the system ⁠— as it were to be kicked off the stage totally on January 7.

Her 8.5 million devotee Jerk profile is no place to be found on the stage, the instep of rerouting to a 404 page.

Pokimane’s boycott comes after the rise of TV appearances and motion picture response substance on Jerk.

xQc, Mizkif, and others have gone viral observing Masterchef as well as Avatar, indeed as individual streamers like Sodapoppin and Ludwig caution of the perils of DMCA.

Top Twitch broadcasters are no strangers to reacting to content, and Pokimane frequently watches TV series in the Just Chatting part of the platform.

The rights holders have not, however, approved all of the content seen on streams.

Twitch broadcaster Amouranth stated earlier this week that she was unwilling to participate in the TV watch meta because it was too risky for her to face a DMCA ban.

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Pokimane is now banned for an unspecified period of time, indicating that she made the right decision.

On the plus side, Pokimane, who is one of the most dedicated streamers on the platform, might finally be able to relax.


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