The federal investigation Agency (FIA) has launched a money Laundering probe against TikToker HARIM SHAH.

FIA officials have decided to write a letter to the UK,s national crime Agency, requesting action from the National Crime Agency.

Whose money did Hareem shah make the video with? After the FIA Launched Inquiry, tik toker told the truth:

FIA officials say that in the videos released on Instagram, Hareem shah herself confessed to transferring a huge amount of money to the UK.

FIA Cyber Crime Sindh launches inquiry against TikToker Hareem Shah
FIA launches money laundering probe against TikTok star Hareem Shah

In a video released on social media, Hareem said that,

“No one can stop me”

for the first time, any Pakistani bringing such large money in the UK. She also said there is no value in Pakistani money and passport.

Hareem also told her followers that you guys should be careful when you bring the amount because you get caught, no one said anything to me and can’t even say, l arrived very easily and safely.

Hareem further said that the government had promised to raise the currency and passport, the government could not do anything, they can only talk.

It is so cool in Britain but no one died, they were deaths in Murree due to rain and snow.

It may be recalled that soon after the news of the money-laundering investigation spread on the media, Hareem shah deleted the videos from her social media accounts.

Whose money did Hareem shah make the video with? After the FIA,s move, tik toker told the truth:

It was costly for Hareem shah to make a video with a huge amount of money and post it on social media.

According to the details, a new video of Hareem shah has suffered on social media in which she said,

After my video went viral, I was accused of money laundering but never did money laundering and I was not informed about it.

Hareem called her conversation a joke and revealed with reference to the money that I had come to my brother’s office and when I saw that he had kept some money there, so I used that money to make a video with permission.

According to the tik toker, the money used in the video was not illegal. I would like to say that those who do money laundering do not do it by telling me when I came to London after clearing immigration, which is also checked with the help of cameras. Can be done?

Who is Another Person with Hareem Shah:

There is another person in the video along with Hareem shah who introduced himself as an employee of money exchange said that this money belongs to him.

When I come for lunch, the money of the client that I had to deposit was kept, on which Hareem had asked for permission to make a video with this money.

The man said his money was legal, if he had to do money laundering, he would not disclose the money openly.

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There is evidence of that money, so the government should catch bigwigs, including business tycoons, who are actually money launderers do laundering.

He said,

I am Sadiq & Ameen from Gujarat, I gave bundles of cash to Hareem Shah to make a TikTok video, she’s like my baby sister and I was PTI’s strong election candidate in 2018: Daniyal Malik.


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