Hey, guys today I am going to tell you How to Monetize a website with Adsterra to Generate the Most Revenue. You may have other advertising partners like Google Adsense which pay the most and are the most popular.

What’s instant website monetization? It’s when you can get your blog or site approved fast and access profitable advertising formats.

Publishers and bloggers know Adsterra for its high CPM rates and 10-minute or less website verification.

Many publishers are using Adsterra. So now let’s see how you can do this in your niche. What you want to advertise to the world and what you want people to see you have to promote your website.

We want to make money from you so we keep on monetising the traffic you use the traffic on your website.

To gain money the more people come to your website the more they click on your ads and the more you earn cash.

If you’re looking for an ad network, you should take a look at this guide. It makes it easy for any publisher or webmaster to increase their revenues if they’re aiming to develop their websites and grow traffic.

How to Monetize a Website with Adsterra to Generate the Most Revenue:

How you can monetize your website and get excellent money. Start monetizing so all you need to do is to Sign Up on this website with your name and click on continue.

Adsterra Signup
Adsterra Signup

So the login you choose is like a username for this unique username to be precise “messenger” how you want to receive messages. For example, I will choose WhatsApp.

By clicking on the payment system I will choose PayPal you can choose wire transfer is also good.

Verify your email:

Then they will send a verification link to your email and you have to confirm this so that you get started on this website.

Adsterra Signup Email
Adsterra Signup Email

So all you need to do is to go to your Email and go to the inbox you just received from ad status and confirm the email.

Adsterra Signup Email Confirmation
Adsterra Signup Email Confirmation

Now all you need to do is to follow the link and then you have to sign in and begin.

Adsterra Signin
Adsterra Sign in

Please fill in all the fields required.

  • Make up a login
  • Make up a password
  • Choose the most suitable way to contact you
  • Choose the preferred payment method (you can change it later)
  • list the websites you want to monetize.

Ensure you entered a valid email as it will be attached to your account, and you will get all advertising codes in your inbox.

adsterra signup publishers
Adsterra signup publishers

How to add your website to Adsterra?

There you can see the top which shows your website you can add website. By selecting an Ad unit, for example, “social bar Ad”.

Adsterra Adding a Domain
Adsterra Adding a Domain

How do I monetize my Adsterra?


After adding your domain it has been sent for approval and will email you when it is confirmed.

Adsterra Adding a Website
Adsterra Adding a Website

So all you need to do is to wait for a short time until your website is approved and you start displaying ads on your website.

You need cool money from this so as you can see my website is approved all you need to do is click on all codes. This will show all the codes, you have to get the code so this is a javascript code.

Adsterra get Codes
Adsterra get Codes

You have to copy this unique code and paste this above the body tag on your website.

How to Add Adsterra Code to WordPress Website:

How do you use this just head back to your WordPress dashboard click on the plugins tab and click on add a new plugin.

Search on “insert headers and footers” so just scroll down and install the plugin. Then click on the activate button, and the plugin is activated.

Now go to the settings tab and click on “insert headers and footers” so all you need to do is to paste the javascript code.

The Ad code you copied into the place scripts and all you need to do is to paste it there and click on save. After a few seconds, it will begin showing Ads. This might take up to 20 minutes. Stay calm.

When you go to your website a social bar Ad will begin to display on your website for example structure by ads will soon pop up on the screen.

If you want to add more ads then go to the website add code like a banner ad, click on this and save the settings.

Once it’s approved you will be able to add this type of Ad to your website. You also have a lot of different ads in setup plugins so choose the one that suits you.

Does Adsterra pay per click?

All you have to do is place the code on your website, Facebook page, or blog, and you will make money each time a visitor sees or clicks on the advertisement. It’s that simple.

In addition to earning instant income with Adsterra, you will also receive the highest CPM rates in the industry.

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