A schoolgirl told what exactly happened between her and Jaliyah. kamari did make comments about Jaliyah. She told that Jaliyah got into an altercation with the girl at school. Which result in her big handcuffed.

Kamari said she beat her but I don’t like that Jaliyah is pulling hair when you pull hair you can’t fight why you ain’t fight one-on-one?

So basically why I fought her is because I had fought one of her friends am I gonna speak on that situation because it doesn’t involve her?

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I and Jaliyah were arguing through text about this stuff and like stuff is getting said and brought into it that should never even get brought in.

I had posted screenshots from my Snapchat story and she had posted hers too so basically I had left that alone whatever next day I come back to school and we were in the lunchroom and Jaliyah looking at me funny picking up her hair as she wanna fight me.

So we get in the hallway or whatever everybody got their phones out everybody going on live and stuff and she her friends hyper her up.

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Complete Story told by a Girl:


I walked past her she ain’t put a hand on me I left that [ __ ] alone. We did our fight and last Wednesday she had seen me in the hallway.

Because we got classes by each other and she has seen me in the hallway and her best friend was walking side by side with her.

But everybody was packed in the hallway so I couldn’t move around I can’t do anything so I walked past her I kind of booked this to her a little bit riding up and had no problem with her.

Jaliyah had got mad whatever the boy they were with had said something but I had a good day so we were back when the bell happened.

Again I had some hallway again I’m walking the boy said something again so I said repeat yourself.

Angel girl was like be ain’t nobody says nothing so I called and went back. We just arguing going back and forth and I have nobody by me.

We walk out and her best friend gets in my face or whatever not a good thing to go cause ain’t nobody but I mean y’all not gonna try to jump me.

That had happened and then yesterday she wanted to fight me she was getting ready to fight me and stuff I had asked her.

Jaliyah wanted to fight and she was like yeah so we got to fighting and she did not beat me up no yet she was just putting my hair in that ground.


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