P0rn passports are to be introduced in Europe and required to access $3x websites in France in the world’s first move. France is hoping to tackle the issue of minors being exp0sed to P0rnogr@phy by introducing an age verification system, with some questioning whether the UK will follow suit.

P0rn passports are to be introduced in Europe and required to access $3x websites in France in the world’s first move:

  • Jean-Noel Barrot, France’s digital minister, has introduced the new ‘passports’.
  • Those wanting to access explicit material will download a government app.

In September last year, a report entitled ‘Hell Behind the Scenes’ by French senators concluded that there was a ‘massive, ordinary and toxic’ viewing of P0rn by children.

The plan will be enforced by September in the latest round of a years-long struggle to protect minors on the internet.

Currently, users only have to click a button saying whether or not they’re 18 – the legal age for P0rnogr@phy consumption. that provides them with a digital certificate and code, the Parisien reported.

‘P0rn passports’ set to be introduced in Europe in world’s first move

French digital minister Barrot said,

“I intend to put an end to this scandal,” adding, “In 2023, it is the end of access to P0rnogr@phy websites for our children.

2023 will mark the end of our children accessing P0rnogr@phic sites,’ he added.

Websites could be banned if they do not comply with age verification regulations.

The code will be needed to access a P0rn website under a system ‘which will work a bit like the checks from your bank when you buy something online,’ Barrot told the newspaper.

President Emmanuel Macron, who is married to former school teacher Brigitte Macron, promised to make protecting children from P0rn a priority during his re-election bid last year.

Reuters pointed to a 2018 poll published by the French government’s site on protecting children against explicit material.

The survey found that nearly one in three children have been exp0sed to P0rnogr@phy by the age of 12, and this figure jumped to 62 per cent by the age of 15.

61 per cent of the participants in this age group described their viewing as ‘mostly unintentional’.

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P0rn passports which prove you are over 18 will be required to access $3x websites in France in the world’s first:

Rather than @dult websites, Twitter was the site where the highest proportion of young people – 41 per cent – accessed $3xual content.

The bill will include people smuggling, hate crimes, fraud and revenge P0rn as ‘priority’ illegal content.

The new law in France follows a debate in the UK over amendments to the Online Safety Bill.

It is understood that more changes to the bill will be announced before it is put to Parliament, which is expected to be within the next month.

The UK previously considered a similar ‘P0rn ban’, which would have meant people accessing @dult content online would only be able to do so with proper age verification checks.

A Paris court ordered Arcom to enter into mediation with several P0rn websites including market leader P0rn hub, holding up efforts to block them.

Users would have had to supply a legitimate form of identification such as a credit card, driving licence or passport.

Some experts believe that the French Government’s move could push the British government to consider reverting to the plans, especially as Tory MPs are calling for stricter barriers in place.


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