Philadelphia Rapper Phat Geez Incident Caught on Surveillance Camera in Brewerytown. His music was a plea to stop the violence. Last night, he became the latest homicide victim in Philadelphia.

28-year-old Derrick Gantt, also known by his rap name Fat g’s, was gunned down on a Brewerytown street on the same block where he lived with his family Monday night.

Philadelphia Rapper Phat Geez Incident Caught on Surveillance Camera in Brewerytown:

The big story is the investigation into the violent death of a young man who used his lyrics to spread a message of peace. Tonight, he’s being remembered by his family, his community and his fellow musicians.

That victim was shot multiple times, right in front of his home. Police scooped him and rushed him to Penn Presbyterian Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

And today, homicide detectives are still working to figure out who is responsible. Beall all in my city. Can’t get enough of it.

28-year-old rapper Fat g’s is remembered today in the music world. Meek Mill tweeted this about his untimely passing.


It’s just really heartbreaking that this man, this young man, was advocating against the senseless violence that ultimately he was the victim of.

It was just last fall when he dropped this song, No Gun Zone, about curbing gun violence. His friends and family know him as 28-year-old Derrick Gantt.

One of his friends said,

He was a good dude, you know, all yesterday we all together yesterday praying at the masjid all day. He doing his good deeds, trying to feed the homeless.

10 p.m. Sunday, right in front of his Brewerytown home in the 1200 block of North Taney Street. Gantt was shot to death.

At least a dozen shots were fired. His mother was inside. Today, out front, his friends and family surrounded his imam.

Philadelphia Rapper Phat Geez’s Last Moments:

The investigator does have a video of Gantt speaking to someone in the passenger side of a vehicle on the street before the shots rang out that vehicle then fled.

At this hour, police have no arrests, and too many people are dying. Time for excuses is over and you can see the outpouring of support for Gantt on social media.

With every homicide in the city of Philadelphia, there is a $20,000 reward for information that does lead to an arrest and a conviction.


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