RUBÉN LANAO VIDEOS – RUBÉN LANAO BLACKMAILED AND SPREAD PRIVATE VIDEOS OF HIS EX-GIRLFRIEND JUANITA GÓMEZ. The Silvestre dangón accordion player Rubén Lanao left Grupo Vallenato after the complaint where his ex-girlfriend said that she was a victim of blackmail and viral private videos.


Juanita Gomez said,

It is sad to see how my privacy and intimacy have been violated for trusting someone who at some point I spent 4 years with a person who did not respect my privacy, exp0sed and pointed out.

she continued,

I think it is not enough to express how I have felt in this last month where I have practically not even been able to leave my house Out of fear, he contacted to tell his version.

Ruben said I want to clarify to all public opinion that it is not true that I have broadcast videos that are part of our privacy.

That is something that has never crossed my mind and this would only undermine his image.

But mine also says that the WhatsApp chat that Paula gave me and where Rubén wrote if you get a video of us.

Then don’t tell me anything was misinterpreted Paula took it as a threat that became true and it is a contextualized chat and It hurts me.

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This is the case since what I was asking for was that our videos be in the Ocula folder and not have them as it was customary to have them in the normal cell phone folder to which anyone who has a cell phone can have access.

He also spoke of his departure as an accordionist for Silvestre Dangón, while his legal situation is clarified, this has affected my work, of which I will not even continue to be part of the company.

Where I was until a few hours ago, my state of mind has also been compromised, my psychological state, and failure of guardianship.



The court asked Rubén to stop the dissemination of these private contents, to delete the images and to do so in less than 48 hours, and also to have all the content deleted from digital platforms.

I am answering a judge with the respect that justice deserves, no. I can download what I have not uploaded or consented to, it is impossible for me if it has not left my hands, as Jaime Granados sees it.

Lawyer for the victim, Rubén’s former nooba said, I believe that in cases like the one we saw there is a timely reaction from society.

There is a timely reaction from our capable judges, brave judges who do not allow themselves to be looked at.

On the other side, there are public figures who seek above all the protection of dignity. Paula’s lawyers, whom I call to protect her identity, tell me that New legal actions are coming against Nao for de facto insult and violation of personal data with a perspective of gender violence.

I hope there is justice in this case because nothing justifies exp0sing the privacy of a couple, what happens in privacy has to stay.


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