Russian soldiers executed two Ukrainian soldiers in the Chernihiv region. This grainy mobile phone footage is too graphic to air. The video shows the moment a man in military uniform appears to be decapitated.

The victim lying down and wearing a yellow armband a symbol for identifying Ukrainian soldiers is beheaded by a man with a large knife wearing a white band around his leg a means of identification for Russian soldiers.

Russian soldiers executed two Ukrainian soldiers in the Chernihiv region:

The clip began circulating on social media but it remains unclear when the footage was filmed.

As the war intensifies Russian President Vladimir Putin has pushed for new legislation which will streamline military conscription and automatically ban registered conscripts from leaving the country. A move that has stoked fears of another wave of mobilization for the war.

Since sending troops into Ukraine last year Putin has issued thinly veiled warnings that he could use nuclear weapons.

Putin says,

If Russia was threatened why do the Americans deploy nuclear weapons at their allies on their territory and train the crew’s Pilots how to use this type of weapon?

If needed we agreed that we will do the same without violating our obligations I emphasize without violating our International obligations on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy urges world leaders to act after beheadings clips:

President Zielinsky has condemned the act and called on the International Community to follow suit foreign.

This is not an accident this is not an episode this was the case earlier this was the case in butcher thousands of times everyone must react every leader doesn’t expect this to be forgotten that time will pass we are not going to forget anything neither are we going to forgive the murderers.

The footage has been refuted by the Russian government and investigations into the source of the video are ongoing.

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Of course, this footage is awful and first, we should check its authenticity and then we could have a pre-checks to check whether or not this is true.

In footage released by the Russian Defence Ministry, a test launch of an advanced intercontinental ballistic missile from Russia’s astriction region.

It can be seen weeks after Russia suspended participation in its last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the United States.

While the Russian defence Ministry did not specify the type of missile used in the launch it is capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads and is among Russia’s next generation of visible missiles Lapeer.


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