Ryan Carson Video – US activist Ryan Carson was stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend in Brooklyn. The surveillance video is so disturbing we can’t show it in its entirety police say the victims were just out coming from a wedding on their way home when they were attacked brutally.

And it was random they never saw it coming they were sitting at a bus stop minding their own business.

Ryan Carson Video – US activist Ryan Carson stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend in Brooklyn:

32-year-old Ryan Carson and his girlfriend’s surveillance video obtained shows an unidentified man in a black hoodie first walking by them.

The couple gets up to go on their way but the man cuts them off police describe him as emotionally disturbed.

At one point you can hear the man yelling then without warning he lunges at Carson who tries to run but trips over the bus stop bench.

The man then attacks Carson with a knife he’s holding in his right hand. Right there Carson’s girlfriend is clearly terrified.

Please go watch him go watch him

Another woman nearby comes over to help but Carson a social justice Advocate is in bad shape.

He died after being rushed to a hospital it was early Monday morning here at Malcolm X Boulevard and Lafayette Avenue in Crown Heights.

The couple was headed home after attending a wedding what happened to Carson and his roommates who were too emotional to appear on camera?

Say anyone could have been any other day could have been any at any other place he dedicated his life to helping others.

And making a difference by spending years as a campaign organizer for a New York public interest research group.

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In a statement Knight Perk said,

Ryan was a beloved staffer colleague and friend and a creative talented Relentless and upbeat advocate for students and the environment in this GoFundMe video Carson was Raising awareness for overdose prevention.

Something his roommates say was another passion of his did a campaign where he walked from this stoop here in Bedford Stuyvesant all the way to Buffalo New York.

He entirely dedicated his life to other people like I said in his personal life and in his professional life.

If he thought something was right he committed himself to act that way and the roommates you just heard from they also say this is a significant loss for the city.

In the meantime police are still looking for the man responsible if you have any information on his whereabouts call Crime Stoppers the numbers 800-577.

Ryan Carson Video


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