Skardu Valley Pakistan or Heaven on Earth. If you are planning to visit the northern areas of Pakistan, you might think about going to Skardu.

Skardu Valley Pakistan:

Skardu consists of some strikingly beautiful sceneries, valleys, lakes, awesome greeneries and blooming floret. It is surrounded by the Indus and Shigar rivers which makes it a sight to enjoy. Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan self-governing region of Pakistan.

Skardu Valley Pakistan, Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan

Representing the east side of Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu is a border town far from others. Not too much developed, soiled, never-ending, and with some of the best landscapes.

The landscape is distinctive, and the weather is spectacular and much more welcoming in the pinnacle tourism season.

The weather of Skardu:

Skardu’s climate is a bit light in comparison to other northern areas of Pakistan. The autumn season is usually considered to be the most fascinating for Skardu as there are colourful trees and a relatively mild climate.

The summer and spring seasons offer a variety of fruits and provide amazing views of snow-covered mountains for tourists. The best time to visit Skardu, if the weather is much significant for you, is April to October.

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Skardu Valley Pakistan, Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan

How to reach Skardu:

Going to Skardu is a bit tricky. Some might like it but it’s tiresome for a few. Here are a few modes for reaching Skardu:

Via Air:

One blessing for Skardu is that it has its own airport. You can go to Skardu via direct daily flights from Karachi & Islamabad. But these Pakistan International Airlines managed flights turn out to be a bit expensive.

Starting from $70, some range from $210 to $220, which is undoubtedly costly for small aircraft. But not to worry, one can always take its four-wheeler out for a spin.

Skardu Valley Pakistan, Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan

Via Road:

The less cheap way to reach Skardu is by road. You can either take your own car or you can hire a private tour operator for this purpose.

With almost three to four ways to reach Skardu from Islamabad by road, you have to say it looks like a much more appropriate option.

Where to stay in Skardu:

There are many good options for staying in Skardu. You’d have various choices, expensive or cheap. Famous ones are The Serena Shigar Hotel inside the Shigar Fort and the Shangrila Resort adjacent to Lower Kachura Lake.

There are also some cheaper options as well if you do not want much luxury. There is the availability of appropriate hotels whether you are with family or you are travelling with friends.

Skardu Valley Pakistan, Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan

What to eat in Skardu:

Skardu is home to some of the best sceneries in the world. These sceneries become more enjoyable with the amazing food which Skardu offers.

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Balti has probably one of the most popular food if you talk about northern areas of Pakistan. Some popular dishes include:


Papua is an orthodox Balti dish which consists of buckwheat pasta with creamy pesto sauce.


Steamed Wheat Dumplings filled with Beef, Yak or Lamb.

Pink Tea:

After getting your belly with some amazing Balti food, pink tea or Namkeen Chai is a must-have.

Now let’s discuss the main thing for which you came here. Where to visit when you are in Skardu.

Places to visit in Skardu:

Skardu has some historical forts and some breathtaking lakes to offer.

Shigar Fort:

Shigar Fort can be found on the route to Pakistan’s highest mountain, K2. It is inside Shigar Valley. Shigar Valley is located around the Shigar River.

It was serving as a palace in its time. Now it’s restored and is now serving as a hotel & museum. Touring its inside or even its vicinity will be worth its money.

Skardu Valley Pakistan, Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan

Kharpocho Fort:

This “King of Forts” is an old ancient fort. It’s also commonly called Skardu Fort. It’s located on a peak above the trek of Organic Valley.

You can view the city of Skardu while standing at his fort. Enjoy the beauty and scenic views from this ancient 16th-Century fort.

Sarfaranga Desert:

Sarfaranga Desert is one of the most popular cold desserts. If you want a regular desert experience and want a cold desert, the Sarfaranga Desert is a must-visit.

The mounds here, as compared to Katpana Desert, are bigger, views are more scenic and are more enjoyable due to fewer visitors as going there is a bit challenging sometimes.

Kachura Lakes:

It’s also called Shangrila Lake. Kachura Lakes consist of an upper Kachura Lake and a lower one. It’s called Shangrila Lake because of the iconic Shangrila Resort around this lake.

It has almost 30 kilometres distance or 45 mins drive from Skardu. One good thing is that there is walking distance between the upper and lower Kachura Lakes.

Skardu Valley Pakistan, Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan

Basho Valley:

If you go a bit far from Kachura, you come around the amazing Basho Valley. It is famous for its excellent atmosphere & beautiful streams.

The other thing which increases this relatively unknown valley’s worth is its rustic pastures. One can sit there all day enjoying water flowing from colourful stones in streams.

Satpara Lake:

Another adventurous visit awaits you at Skardu’s main lake, Satpara Lake. Not only it is the main source of fresh water for the residents, but it is also famous for row boating and trout fishing opportunities.

Khaplu Valley:

It’s one of the best places to visit in the vicinity. It’s located 103 KM far from Skardu. It also serves as a base for trekking towards the mighty K6 and Masherbrum mountains. It’s beautiful, rich-green and soothing consisting of some fabulous sites.

Sightseeing in Skardu:

Manthal Buddha Rock:

It’s also called Skardu Rock. This believed 9th-century rock is notorious because the picture of Buddha is carved on it.

Deosai Plains:

According to locals, it means “Shadow of the Giants.” Deosai Natural Park is a huge alpine plateau. They range for about 3000 km and also host magnificent Tibetan brown bears, snow leopards, ibex and some other wild animals.

Skardu Valley Pakistan, Skardu is a city in the Gilgit Baltistan

Some other Perks of visiting Skardu:

Skardu offers a variety of tasty and unique fruits. It is also home to some of the best adventurous activities such as mountaineering, trekking and hiking. Skardu is also known for facilitating K2 mountaineers.

At last, Skardu’s visit will be memorable and will be its money’s worth. So take your family or friends with you and must visit this magnificent place.


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