Telegram and Reddit Shared More Images Of Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Team and TikTok. Over the last week, the Wisconsin Badgers volleyball team has been the topic of discussion and everyone is wondering who the players on the team are who have shown off their bodies.

Telegram and Reddit Shared More Images of Wisconsin Badgers Volleyball Team and TikTok

The athletics department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison confirmed what plenty of people already knew: private, expl!cit photos and videos of the women’s volleyball team had viral online.

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The photos and videos le@ked online were taken in the aftermath of the Badgers’ national championship win last December.

The images appeared on a variety of platforms, including 4chan, Reddit, Twitter, Imgur, Telegram, Discord, and TikTok — and remain available via most of those social channels.

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Some of the NSFW pictures, captured as the Badgers partied in their locker room following a championship win in the Big Ten conference last December, appeared to first surface Oct.

Lovicott said in the statement.

“Our department has worked on cases like this before but many of them involve people threatening to put intimate photos online – bl@ckmail. Nothing like that is suspected in this case and again, this case is unique because of the high profile of the players.”


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