Recently, a video of a girl Ayesha Manoo dancing on Mera Dil Ye Pukary Aaja at a wedding went viral. The girl is showing mesmerizing moves on Lata Mangeshkar’s remix of MERA DIL YE PUKARY AAJA.

The video got 3 million views and got the same fame across the border too. The girl is also called on the famous morning show of ARY Digital, “Good Morning Pakistan,” hosted by Nida Yasir.


Who is Ayesha aka Manoo on Nida Yasir Show?

The name of the girl is Ayesha, aka Maano. She is from the heart of Punjab, in Lahore. She was attending her best friend’s wedding.

Her friend requested that she dance on the floor for her and boom! Ayesha just rocked on her friend’s big day. Ayesha was already pursuing a modelling career. She said,

I have already done shoots and ads

Her parents are supportive, irrespective of a few relatives, and proud of her. According to Ayesha, she wants to become an actress and is struggling for her debut in Lollywood.

Ayesha Manoo Dance Video
TikToker Ayesha Manoo Dance Video

Ayesha TikTok:

Ayesha is also an active TikToker. Because of the overwhelming response from internet users, she has 3 million followers on her Tik-Tok account, @oye_ayesha, and the number is still growing.

Ayesha Instagram:

Ayesha’s Instagram account, @oyee_ayesha, has 175k followers, but she is not an active Instagram user; instead, her Tik-Tok account shows her regular up-to-date.

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viral girl ayesha Manoo Bio:

Ayesha hasn’t yet disclosed her personal life on the internet, but her fame has crossed the border now.

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Ayesha Aka Manoo on Nida Yasir Show
Ayesha Aka Manoo on Nida Yasir Show

Many famous Indian Instagram and Facebook pages are praising her sweet smile, pretty eyes, and eye-catching dance moves. Many people, including celebrities, have grooved to the same viral moves made by Ayesha.

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She is blooming in the traditional green dress and just dancing her heart out. The simple and easy dance steps inspire everyone to dance like her.

Have you tried to recreate the video?


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