We will discuss here the currently trending online celebrity named Pabi Cooper and also her viral video. Also her biography, age and Instagram. There are lots of searches about her on Google and Social media platforms.

Tiktok Singer Pabi Cooper Viral Video on Twitter – Biography, Age, Instagram:

The African creative person Pabi Cooper is a Tik Tok singer and her songs are highly liked by her followers. She has become a web sensation after her viral videos.

Let us tell you guys that a video of TikTok singer has been viral. Individuals raced to Twitter to discover the video.

Your curiosity level must be high and you must be eager to know about “Pabi Cooper’s viral video.” But the video content is inappropriate.

Pabi Cooper Viral Video On Twitter:

Cooper is a dancer and a very good performer, she has a good number of followers on her Tik Tok account. People really like her voice.

The video of her which is getting viral on Twitter and other social media platforms is consists of non-public content.

Because many users downloaded the video and they are now sharing it all over the social media platforms.

But the face of the girl is blurred in the video so it is yet to be confirmed whether she is Pabi or not.

However, there are many users who are claiming that it might be Pabi in the video. While everyone on the internet is so interested to discover more about this viral and controversial video.

Who is Pabi Cooper – Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Instagram:

Pabi belongs to Africa and she loves sharing her singing and dance videos on the TikTok app. And she received a good response from her followers.

Cooper presently lives in Pretoria, South Africa, and she is a football fan since she was a teenager.

Pabi also aims to become the youngest referee in South Africa and dreams of taking part in African soccer as a match official.

She is active on her Instagram account and regularly posts her pictures for her fans and they really liked her too.

She has posted 191 posts on her Instagram account so far. Pabi has 1.1M followers as of now but it seems numbers are increasing. She has 1,593 followed accounts.

Pabi Cooper Trending Video On Twitter – Pabi Response:

No one has seen her face during this video and as usual, people simply assume it could be the dancer and performer Pabi. whereas many others say it is a fake video.

While Pabi is quiet and she hasn’t reacted yet about this video. and it seems like she is not coming publically to release any of the clarification in her defence. But her fans are waiting for her response about the trending video.

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So we have to wait, till then stay tuned with Mangubaaz, and will update you on the same platform. As it is really interesting to see what will happen in the near future.


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