We will discuss the present Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan life, his investments and most apparently his wealth and net worth.

Imran Khan Net Worth 2022: Bio, Career, Income:

Net Worth: $50 Million

Date of Birth: October 5, 1952 (69 years old)

Gender: Male

Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)

Profession: Politician, Cricketer

Nationality: Pakistani

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi is his full name. He was born in the Pakistani city of Lahore on October 5, 1952.

Imran Khan has four sisters and is the only son of his parents. Imran began playing in his school at the age of thirteen.

At the age of 18, he made his test debut as a medium-pacer. Imran Khan was a professional cricketer for 20 years and is widely regarded as the greatest captain Pakistan has ever had. The Pakistani squad won the 1992 World Cup under his leadership.

Imran Khan, popularly known as IK or the Lion of Lahore, is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan and a former Pakistani international cricketer, politician, commentator, writer, and philanthropist.

In Pakistan, he is referred to as Wazir-E-Azam. He went on to become a politician after retiring, participating in activism, philanthropy, and holding political office.

Khan married Jemima Goldsmith, an English journalist and heiress, in May 1995. The event took place in Paris and lasted two minutes.

Khan married Jemima Goldsmith
Khan married Jemima Goldsmith

The next month, the couple married again in a conventional ceremony. Following persistent rumours that their marriage was in jeopardy, the couple divorced in 2009 after nine years of marriage.

Imran Khan Net Worth:

Imran Khan has a $50 million dollar net worth.

In August 2018 Khan was elected as Pakistan’s 22nd Prime Minister with a majority of votes.

In terms of his net worth, Mr Khan’s current net worth is estimated to be around $50 million USD.

He is one of Pakistan’s wealthiest politicians. Imran owns a 750 million dollar mansion in Bani Gala, Islamabad, which is 300 Kanal in size. It is Imran Khan’s permanent residence.

Imran Khan Income:

IK has admitted that his pay is insufficient to cover his living expenditures. Similarly, the Pakistani prime minister’s annual pay and allowances are roughly $15,610 after taxes.

The selfless prime minister, on the other hand, is only concerned with saving Pakistan’s budget and pays his own costs.

His mansion, on the other hand, has sparked controversy due to the fact that it was built without the consent of the authorities.

PM Imran paid a fine of 1.206 million PKR to the Capital Development Authority in order for his sweet home’s map to be approved.

Khan has always prioritized eradicating corruption and reducing government spending as a politician and prime leader. He has never been a fan of lavish spending on the backs of taxpayers.

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Since becoming Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018, he has visited 13 countries, including the United States, Sri Lanka, China, the United Arab Emirates, and others.

He does, however, try to keep these state excursions brief and modest in order to reduce the cost to the state to a minimum.


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