There is a video of Shanquella Robins fighting that has gone viral, and many people are asking what happened. She was found dead in her hotel room while vacationing with friends in Cabo San Lucas.

Many questions about her death remain unanswered. Here is what we know so far about the fight and her mysterious death.

What Happened to Shanquella Robinson? All You Need to Know!

North Carolina Shanquella Robinson was found dead while vacationing in Mexico. The news comes days after Shanquella Robinson’s family and friends celebrated her life in her hometown and prayed for her.

Who was Shanquella Robinson?

She was a kind, empathic 25-year-old American (North Carolina) tourist. Shanquella goes to Mexico with six friends to celebrate someone`s birthday; just one day into that vacation, she turned up dead.

What Happened to Shanquella Robinson?

In the video, you can see a woman confronting Shanquella in a room, she is constantly punching her till she pins the poor girl to the floor. They are speaking heatedly, and the woman starts punching her repeatedly.

A man is filming the whole scenario. Before death, Shanquella received primary medical care from a medical practitioner.

According to him, Shanquella was over-drunk and dehydrated. He advised them to take her to the hospital but they refused.

Authorities are not currently naming the woman beating her but say she is a direct aggressor against the 25-year-old.

Shanquella Robinson Second Video:

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After a video online too violent to show reveals Robinson was assaulted in her hotel room Mexican authorities issued an arrest warrant for that acquaintance.

Now back in America for the crime of femicide the act of k!lling a Woman based on her gender News Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams Says:

The U.S. government is going to take this seriously and on the other hand, it’s not obligated to turn her over.

According to Local Police Reports:

Baja Resort town guest told medical staff around two in the afternoon that Robinson had drunk a lot of alcohol a doctor determined she was stable but dehydrated adding Robinson’s acquaintances refused to send her to the hospital.

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The police report stating the Charlotte native went into cardiac arrest declared dead by 6 PM. But an autopsy differing from that report stating medical officials arrived before 3 pm quickly declaring Robinson dead from severe spinal cord injury and a dislocated neck.

Robinson’s family wants answers. Robinson`s Father (Bernard Robinson),

“They attacked her. My daughter was not a fighter. She was sleeping and they attacked her. She was naked. It’s challenging for a father to see his daughter like that.

Robinson`s Mother: (Salamondra Robinson),

I’m just waiting on that day when someone can be arrested that’s all I’m waiting on.


Kylie Irving is even donating $65,000 to her family and there is a “go fund me” page to help with her funeral costs. That’s such a heartwarming move from Kylie.


Now officials have another big problem on their hands their Prime Suspect is no longer in the country.

Till now there is just one arrest warrant has been issued for the death of Robinson which leaves a lot of questions Mexican authorities are saying that one of her friends seems to be responsible but they are not listing that person on the warrant.

And also FBI is looking into this as well and they have not commented on this Mexican move also not yet saying that there could be other charges coming in this case.


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