Who is Lexi Bonner and why did she attack a kid? Explained. A clip just went viral and shook the internet and its trend on every platform. A woman was picked up assaulting a very young child.was published onto Snapchat then come on to other platforms and people are trying to track down who she is?

Who is Lexi Bonner and why did she attack a kid? Explained

There are two videos on the internet of this incident happening which is the worst thing is when all this is happening people are laughing. The video makes all people’s blood boil.

The Lexi Bonner Situation Explained:

So the story is about an eight-year-old artistic boy on a football pack and he was trying to make friends.

Then this Lexi Bonner and her friends there’s like a little fence that separates him from the little boys on the other side.

And he likes to tap Lexi’s arm looks like a bit of a hit but not aggressive. He’s like giggling and laughing and then Lexi who likes looking around at her friends,

he just done that to me.

And then she ends up chasing him across the field. Then she threw him on the field and hit on his private part. The boy was hysterically screaming and the saddest thing all is saying was,

I thought we were friends I thought we were friends.

As you can see on the screen it is graphic there are Parts where she kicked in the private parts as well.

The Lexi Bonner Situation Explained
The Lexi Bonner Situation Explained

This Lexi Bonner then continuously kicks him beats him hits him and then as she goes to walk away he like goes back up to run away. And then she kicks him again like stands on his leg so that’s what’s happened absolutely.

This little boy now is in hospital with multiple broken bones so as the videos have gone online obviously the internet right there is furious.

Who is Lexi Bonner?

So Lexi Bonner who’s from Leeds of course people has recognized this girl so other people have viral her address. People are curious to know, who she is. where did she go? and all that information.

Right now the police are not involved at all people are going on lives pretending to be her to escalate the situation and people even trying to track down her address as well.

Lexi Bonner is Everywhere:

As a girl, if you would want to pretend to be assaulting a young boy on a live got 500k plus viewers the host of this TikTok live which probably broke records.

All of you guys are being misled daily, there are loads of videos going around of Lexi being jumped or Lexi being this it’s all fake guys.

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And all of you are being manipulated and there are so many fake videos going around of her address and her getting jumped off.

One thing that is for sure this is a graphic situation of gotten out of control and deserves a lot of Justice to be done.

There are petitions about it but nobody of substance has come out of the boy’s mother the boy’s family members the girl’s family no one has come out.

A lot of the stuff we’re seeing is mixed in with fake stuff where the situation is so viral but anything I find from the actual person in the situation Lexi or anything with a boy’s family that he’s okay I’ll keep you guys updated so leave a comment down. And do not forget to follow us on Facebook to get updated.

For you guys that haven’t seen the video, I will put it over on our social media account to raise awareness of the situation and hopefully, this girl gets what is coming to her.


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