12 most adventurous things to do in Dubai. People who love adventure can do a lot of amazing things in Dubai. There are many amazing things to do in Dubai. Thanks to Dubai’s natural geography and weather.

12 most adventurous things to do in Dubai:

I will share some activities that you would love to know about with your friends and family. So I will share a list of the 12 most adventurous things to do in Dubai.

IMG World Dubai:

It is the largest indoor temperature controlled themed entertainment place in the world. The total covered area is more than 1.4 million square feet.

Belgium first introduced this idea and now it has been executed in Dubai and all over the world. Visit this gorgeous place if you love the gravity defining the concept and want to live your imagination of dining in the sky.

You can experience 4 different epic adventures zones in one place. Like Cartoon Network and Marvel also IMG Bollywood and the lost valley dinosaur. Adventure zones are original concepts created by the IMG group.

Micro Flight:

A micro flight includes Trikes, Gliders, Microlights and Paragliders. It is a small one set design. You must try it and enjoy flying a plane over the desert at more than 90 km/hr.

View the best scene from an eagle eye. This will be the best experience for you to explore the landscape of this interesting place. The best time to witness this splendid place will be in the evening.

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Quad Biking:

It’s a four-wheel bike used to enjoy the great Dubai desert safaris. An experienced guide will lead you through the challenging sand desert, so feel the adrenaline rush by smoothly gliding over the desert.

Water Park in Dubai:

There are few water parks in Dubai but the world’s largest operational water park is Aqua Fun Waterpark. Covering a total area of more than 2600 square meters.

There are more than 70 different games to climb, jump and slide around the beautiful park for visitors.

This slide extends out 30 meters into the sea from the residency vicinity of the inflatable part of the famous Jumeirah beach.

Sandbank Buggy Riding:

Try amazing 1600 cc buggy riding in the desert and add some more fun to your Dubai tour.

From a fully guided tour, you must explore the desert sand dunes to follow the nature trails.

It’s a fast ride adventurous journey for what you are looking for. Ove the challenging territory this activity will set off an amazing adventure like no other.

Dubai Aquarium:

If you would love to dive into a deep water tank and meet face to face with sand tiger sharks.

Then try one of the largest suspended Dubai Aquarium with a depth of 10 million litres. Experience the thrill of a lifetime in the aquarium with more than 30000 marine animals.

Also over 400 sharks and rays including the world’s biggest collection of sand tiger sharks in the tank.


Another must-do item on the list is skydiving. If you are crazy to view the beauty of Dubai beautiful sites above the ground.

Then you must try Dubai skydiving to make your dream come true. You can experience the thrill of freefall at over 100 miles/hr.

But don’t worry because you will be securely harnessed by one of the experienced skydivers.

If you want to book your first time skydiving then you can find them in Mina Seyahi, next to Jumeirah beach.

Seaplane Flight:

Enjoy a thrilling beachside seaplane Dubai tour of the huge skyline from the air. To enjoy a thrilling flight by eye-catchy moments and also landing in beautiful Persian Gulf water.

Also, view the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah. Sandboarding is a dessert based activity that will be a memorable place when you will slide down the slope of the desert hill on a specially adapted board passing to your feet.

It’s much like snowboarding. Hills can be higher than 1 thousand feet from where you will slide over the sand just like snowboarding. Sandboarding in Dubai can be experienced throughout the year.

X Dubai:

Basically, XDubai is a hub for all types of action sports and the main purpose of XDubai is to bring all types of actions sports of the world to Dubai.

Dubai marina x line is one of the sharpest and fastest zip lines around the world. X Dubai has zipped up the world’s longest x line.

Finishing in the Arabian Gulf:

Finishing required a deep sea, so if you want to enjoy this adventure then don’t miss very famous deep-sea fishing.

For that purpose, learn some techniques from the experts to get guidance and then prepare to go into the deep Indian ocean with a minimum depth of 35 meters.

It is considered a deep-sea fish zone. To capture the big fish, use some high-quality equipment.

Fly Boating:

An amazing addition to your bucket list is the Dubai water jet. To view the adorable skyline and fly as high as 30 feet above the waves.

This water jet will thrust you above the sea while an unforgettable 15 to 20 minutes’ fly boating session.

You will feel like a blast into the air because of the powerful water jet boat. Meanwhile, certified radio instructors will continue giving you directions.

Mountain Safari:

Visit the Dubai desert safari with your family and loved ones to enjoy an adventurous Hatta mountain safari.

By enjoying the tour of mountain safari you can view ancient villages and also splendid landscapes.

The tour will be started from recreated heritage village Hatta, by driving a 4×4 jeep 115 km to the east of Dubai and going through the Hajjar mountains area.

I hope this list “12 most adventurous things to do in Dubai” will help you in Dubai tour also if you love beach sides.


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