In this post i will tell you 12 Online Jobs from Home, I am sure if one of you is a student, you are a teen, or you are inexperienced, or can’t go outside for a job then you are at the right place to find out the best possible jobs from home for you.

In this post, few jobs are long term and few are short term. I am sure that you will hit one of the ideas that will be the best fit for you. Even though you are a student or a teenager.

12 Online Jobs from Home:

This list is especially for you if you have no experience. You can pick up any skill that is perfect for you.

Starting from the first job if you are a teen or a student or you have no online experience. So lets start our 12 Online Jobs from Home.


This job is perfect for girls, especially those who don’t want to go outside. In this job, you will read somebody’s articles. Or somebody’s book or website posts.

It can be term papers or other people essays. You can also ask your teacher to help them with the test that they will put out.

Even you can ask your classmates or other school and college friends, who can pay you for their essay’s or assignments. To check their grammar mistakes.

If anybody from you is best in English grammar and can also rewrite the same article in better English. Then I am sure it’s a good job for you.

If you are willing to do this online job. Then go to your social media like Facebook and create a new post to tell the public that you are a proofreader.

English Tutor:

You must have heard about this job? You can do it through some social media or you can easily find a website where you can teach someone.

Where you can teach speaking English or writing English. And you really don’t need to have a grasp on this. Most of the time you may have to only talk with someone by using proper English grammar.

For example, in conversation, you can help others by correcting their mistakes. But if you are stressed with yourself for finding English words then this may be a little bit problem.

Or if you can speak well but you don’t have a good microphone or a bad internet connection. Or if your client wants to talk live on video and you are not confident much then this may be a not good job for you.

But if you are a good English speaker and also confident then this is a job for you to start now.

Writings Articles:

You can start as a ghostwriter for any blog. They will publish your posts under their name. Bu tits fine because you are getting paid for writing.

But if you are writing an essay for a school then you can easily transfer your skill to this online job.

There are a lot of articles you can write. There are list articles like listicles, as it is called an art article on some particular niche or a particular field.

Basically, when you are writing articles it’s like writing an essay for a school. Or for some school project writing.

If you already doing then it’s easy to do the same for an online job. If you want to do this job then I will suggest you go to and search for writing jobs over there. Many of them do not need any experience so you can go there and get started.

Resume Writer:

Resume and application letter writing a lot of people need while they are switching their jobs. If they are shifting to some other field then they must need to update their resume.

SO if you are someone who is offering this service of updating a resume or writing out even application letters then that is another field that you can do without any experience.

Actually when it comes to writing applications or resume for a lot of different people, then it really doesn’t need any experience.

If you want to get started on this job, then you can do it easily by posting on your Facebook timeline that you are a resume or application writer.

if anyone is looking for a job then you can easily find it on google search or on Facebook. And people will contact you who are looking for a resume or application writer.

If you are a student or teenager then feel free to comment below, what are the best skills that you actually have and do you want to turn them into an online job?

File Organizer:

Many people have many online files. Their files may be too messy on an online cloud. So they must need someone who can help them to rearrange all files and clean irrelevant files. It will be easy for your client to find files.

It’s also a good job to do online but maybe a little bit harder to find these jobs.

Because it may be harder for you to advertise yourself or you can say that you can reorganize their files. You can do this job even if you are a teen or student.

Audio Transcriber:

If you have good listening power and you can easily write it into text, then this job is for you. We can say it as a caption transcribing too.

For example, for someone’s YouTube video, you have to turn their voice into text or video caption.

If you are willing to do this job, then the easiest way is YouTube. Just go through somebody’s YouTube video or the people whom you follow or you liked their video more.

hen you can contact them and ask them if they want to transcribe their audio into the caption.

I am sure you will get a good response because many people don’t have time to do it by themselves or maybe they forget to transcribe their videos.

Having captions on videos is good because sometimes people don’t even turn on the volume and they only watch. So they can easily read the video’s caption.

Social Media Graphic Designing:

This is another good job that really doesn’t need any experience. Being a social media graphic designer actually, you are creating the same posts that you see daily on your social media.

So if you have already a tool or you can find and download many tools online. Where you do not need to be technical.

These will be easy to use and you can find a lot of templates to start your work.

It would be good if you learn some basic skills too. And be a professional to create new graphics for social media that you have already seen on different social media platforms.

And you can offer your service to any person who is struggling to create new ideas for their social media. In these online tools, you will have already those graphics.

If you want to start this job now, then simply start posting on your social media platforms to know other people about your skill.

So anyone who will need your services then they will contact you back. You can post your work sample that you can easily create from tools like “Fotor”.

Social Media Manager:

If you are too much active on your social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube then you must know that you can be a social media manager by maintaining someone social media.

For example, you can help them to maintain and update their posts. That they always posted on their social media.

By creating some unique content for them. Or to work with some social media graphic designer or with some article writer.

But basically, you are a person who has the responsibility to make sure that their content must be matching with their brand and their service messages.

If you want to start as a social media manager, then you have to research on that particular platform that you already use like YouTube or Facebook.

And you can also study this job about how to maintain social media as a manager. And apply for the job online or go to Facebook and post about your skill to find someone to get started.

Lead Generation:

To find contacts for someone is called lead generation. A huge range of work is in lead generation. You may have to find some good podcasts.

That can be interviewed in or a list of industries. List of emails. That your client can contact as soon as possible.

In short, you are actually researching and collecting data for someone. Or create a list for their new clients.

It’s an easy job and can be maintained easily even by creating a spreadsheet and entering details of each individual by column. Like their names, email, addresses, and other contact information.

Your job is to match your client with the correct people. Who may be interested in your client’s products or services?

And maybe your client asks you to email those people. So your client can contact those people later on. It’s easy because you will send them a template email.

If you like this job, then it’s really easy to learn. Because it’s very simple, just collecting data and sending out emails. Or requesting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Simply go on to your social media like Facebook as I am telling in all these jobs and create your post to tell the public about your lead generation skill.

Video Editing:

It’s a very easy job to do for anyone. And it’s a very skill to learn. Most YouTubers are editing videos by themselves.

But many of them have no time to edit their videos. Even if you are a teen or a student then you can learn and do this job.

There are many software’s available online that you can install and play around with to test your skills. Create some funny videos or edit your family videos. To get some skills. Then try to make them better.

If you are interested in this online job, then again I will suggest going to your social media and creating a new post to tell people that you can do video editing.

Now a day a lot of people need a videos editor because the content is going on video except normal text.

Photo Editor:

You will edit images of different formats. For example, creating thumbnails for someone’s YouTube channel or removing the background of some images.

Also you can create posters or covers for someone or even a cover a photo of someone’s book.

Maybe your client asks you to create a custom wallpaper for them. Or change the colours of the image.

So basically photo editor is the person who is doing and everything related to photos. This job also has a vast range of work.

It will be better to create your portfolio to show your work to clients. And you can start this by editing photos of your family or friends.

If you like this job, then just go to your social media and post about your skills and you will definitely find people there.

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Virtual Assistant:

In this job, you will help some entrepreneur or business owner or someone who is doing a normal job and get through their day.

It will cover a lot of tasks, for example, calendar scheduling. You have to make sure that their calendar is not overbooked.

And you must be careful too about all details of the people to whom your client has a meeting.

Even if it’s inbox management then you have to help them to manage their inbox. For example, you have to be careful to let them know the most important messages and delete those messages that are irrelevant.

Even you will be responsible to plan their travel also. For example, researching a few contacts for them.

So there are many tasks but no need to be a worry. Because this is not so difficult even if you are a teenager then you can easily manage these tasks.

If you are willing to do this job, then go to your social media and post about your skills. I am sure you will find someone who is looking for a virtual assistant to manage themselves.


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