Top 10 Most Visited Countries. The world is so beautiful and has many attractive places for tourists. Tourism is growing day by day as the world has become a global village and it’s easy for us to travel in a short time.

Therefore, the global economy is increasing every year, in 2021 as almost 2 billion tourists arrival recorded in only 5% of the world.

Top 10 Most Visited Countries:

So everyone would like to know the most visited countries in the world for their next tour.

United Kingdom:

A country that has a long and interesting history is also a beloved country for international tourists.

Almost 35 billion people travel every year in the UK which provides more than 100 billion US dollars for the country.

It is not only a tourist destination but also provides job opportunities to more than 2 million people. The tower of London is the most popular place to visit.


It is a beautiful tourist attraction country with beautiful history, cuisine and sand beaches and hot islands. Thailand has rich wildlife archaeological sites, temples and abbeys.

Its capital is Bangkok which is also the world’s most visited city. Bangkok’s popular places are rayleigh beach and also the grand palace.

It is also expected that after a few years Thailand will have more tourists compared to 2020. Tourism is generating 20 % GDP of the country.


One of the beautiful countries of Europe is Germany. Its capital city is berlin and also the most visited city in the country.

Germany has more than 35 million tourists every year. Which produces more than us 12 million per year.

Germany receives a high number of tourists across the world. The number of people come to Germany for education and also the business purpose.

Germany has historical attractive cities and vast forests which attracts tourists. Berlin also produces over 1.5 million jobs for its residents and pays over 5 % to the countries GDP.

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A beautiful combination of two continents with Asian and European touch. It has beautiful attractive places.

A beautiful coastline and stunning resorts are the reason it is a well-known tourist destination.

Every year more than 10 million tourists visit Turkey and enjoy beautiful places with a warm welcome from the locals.

Also the country capital city Istambul is famous for its historical sites, museums and bazaars.


A most attractive and popular destination for food lovers and of course for the people who love history.

Italy has a richness in the variety of food and taste. It has many archaeological sites from the ancient world. It has 50 UNESCO world heritage sites that are suitable for every tourist across the world.

Italy unique history attracts more tourists to the country and statistically, it has also grown tourists that are almost 25 million in the last year.


The Asian growing industry is becoming the most significant country in the economy. China is also a big country in the area and also in population.

It has the most beautiful visiting destinations which produce the country 13 to 14 per cent GDP every year.

China was the top tourist destination in 2019 and one of the most wanted tourist destinations in the world.

However, it was not only from the people of other countries but also the Chinese who are living abroad also visited their home country to discover different places in China.

There are many ancient cultural and historical sites in China like the Great Wall of China is one the most famous place in the world.

Moreover, the Shaolin Temple, The forbidden city, the five sacred walls.

United States of America:

The USA is always a popular destination for tourists across the world. It is because of its vast cities, endless highways, trending travel patterns and beautiful towns.

In 2020 USA has welcomed around 80 million tourists. Tourists numbers are increasing rapidly every year.

Because the USA received a great number of foreign tourists, especially from the UK, and Canada.

America has a variety of attractions that is the big reason it is a dreamland for all tourists.


A beautiful and clean tourist destination where people are living a good life in Spain. Its overall climate and natural beaches attract millions of tourists every year.

It is proving around 13 % of the countries economy and also 14% of jobs to the people. Popular festivals held in the country and also more than 10 National parks with all facilities are also tourist attractions.

Because of its warm weather, most of the tourists come from Europe. There are a lot of historical places to visit and also delicious food at an affordable price in Spain for visitors.

Similarly, its original beaches and busy cities also attract millions of tourists every year.


A record-breaker tourists destination with over 90 million visitors in the year 2020. These tourists have a great contribution to France economy.

Therefore, in 2020 visitors produces more than 60 billion us dollars for the country.

France has a mixed variety of places with beautiful villages and landmarks also old fashioned houses.

Similarly, remarkable parks and also more than 30 UNESCO world heritage sites. Paris is not only the most beautiful city in France but also the most popular city in the world because of its beauty.

A beautiful and famous Eiffel tower is also in Paris. In summer many tourist come from Europe to visit France.


North America large country with virgin beaches in Mexico. It has beautiful resorts and natural beaches.

It has UNESCO world heritage sites which increase the country tourism industry in recent decades.

Final Words:

It’s not easy to figure out top tourist countries because every year tourists have a new destination.

which country do you like to visit the most let us know in the comments section?


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