Tessa Sister Josie and Gia Fight Video Sparks Major Online Buzz. Lately, TikTokers Josie and Gia have become part of the concerning trend on social media spots, posting fights to bank on the contestation created through the violent content.

A disturbing videotape circulating online showed famed TikTok pantomime, El Galvancillo’s gal, Gia, constantly striking TikTok influencer Tessa Ortega’s family, Josie, in the head.

Tessa Sister Josie and Gia Fight Video Sparks Major Online Buzz:

The Josie and Gia fight videotape was first posted on TikTok and later set its way to X, formerly known as Twitter. The clip, which has amassed over five hundred thousand views in a span of hours, showed Gia swinging Josie on the ground and also constantly striking her in the head.

Who is Josie?

Josie, who has some 1.7 million followers on TikTok, rose to internet fame by creating vids and vlogs with her family, including youngish family Tessa, who was lately seen beefing with another TikToker, Meche.

Josie, who has amassed 550,000 followers on Instagram, is managed by Hustle Division and lately modelled for the fashion brand Finest Many.

Who is Gia?

Gia, a model and social media influencer extensively known as the gal of TikTok celebrity El Galvancillo, has been bogged in a contentious online battle with TikTok stars and siblings Tessa Ortega, 15, and her aged family Josie Ortega, 19.

The disturbing videotape urged one social media stoner to say:

Aint no real fight all i see are 2 lil girls pulling hair

What we know about the Josie and Gia fight videotape


A recent Josie and Gia fight videotape has gone viral, egging wild responses online. While it’s unknown what burned that fight, a lengthy videotape on YouTube handed the environment to the incident.

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In a videotape on YouTube, Gia was seen sitting beside her swain, El Galvancillo, in an auto, establishing the fate of the fight.

In the clip, Gia told her followers she was ambuscaded by Josie, Tessa, and her mama while in the auto with her swain.

The fight was allegedly instigated by Josie. Gia appeared to be boasting about dragging Josie on the thoroughfares as she putatively declared she won the fight.

Gia also indicted Josie’s mama of snatching her swain’s phone. In the clip, she was constantly heard demanding the phone reverse.

Meanwhile, in response to Gia’s videotape, Tessa Ortega participated in brief clips of Josie and Gia’s fight. She contended

“ I got Jumped. You swung at the other girls you “ beat my family ” but your bf got beat too. Fair fight for everyone ” Tessa continued “ Always saying commodity about my mama “ getting involved ” in ts because she’s grown. And yet then you’re arguing with a 15- time-old and how old are you, 24? Yeah, you’re nearer to age with my mama than me. Just without a sprat. So what makes a difference? ”

How netizens reacted to the Josie and Gia fight video

Some netizens were seemingly concerned over young women fighting in the streets and recording it for content, but others appeared impressed with Gia’s skills as a fighter.


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