Gumball vs Dream – Why are Dream and Gumball Fighting? Dreams of bizarre online adventures have kept him in the meme culture spotlight yet again thanks to a fight with the voice actor of Gumball Nicholas Cantu.

it will start with Nicholas responding to a fake dream account which posted a picture with the caption,

who want me

and Nicholas wrote,

I want You Dead

It escalated from there and in response the real dream account uploaded a video of Nicholas in an Uber with the caption,

Nicholas Cantu voice actor for Gumball Dora Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skull Island and more is a homophobic anti-semitic ableist and threatening to kill me.

Gumball vs Dream – Why are Dream and Gumball Fighting?

Everyone Nicholas did say some extremely horrible stuff all of which just made the both of them look worse rather than either of them looking better,

And this Gambit may have just nuked both their careers so far the clip has over 121 million views.

So it’s clear this issue has reached huge areas of the world despite being stupid beef between a Minecraft Youtuber and a voice actor for kids’ shows and movies.

Perhaps if Dream just let Nicholas’s reply to a fake account go he wouldn’t be getting the raw end of the deal in this situation but it seems like most of the internet is consistently against him.


Nicholas has his own spot as a content creator working on the Nicholas K 2 Channel and prior to that was called the junky janker. But is rumoured to have quit junky jener due to harassment from dream fans.

You see this isn’t the first time the gumball voice actor had issues with the Minecraft Youtuber they fought online in 2021 after Nicholas made fun of Dreams merch.

Forever locking the two into a giant unhinged battle I’m not sure why Nicholas cares so much about what Dream thinks or why Dream cares so much as well as they have completely different career paths.

But it just goes to show that if people like fighting on the internet then they’re going to start fighting on the internet at any rate.

Twitter VS Dream & Gumball Voice Actor Nicholas Cantu

Dream has finally announced his departure from X for a few days which is probably a good thing he wrote,

I’m going to go and get off Twitter and enjoy my life and hang with my friends and family and work on my video.

He is right if you ask any person down the street what they think about the Dream versus Gumball drama they’ll probably give you a blank look despite over 100 million people seeing this video.

There are billions more who haven’t it’s just that this time I hope he really does take a decent amount of time off.

Because the more he engages in fights, especially with beloved voice actors the worse and worse he will receive.


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