In this article we will know Tiktok is Removing Videos from Your Feed – Will You be Affected? On Thursday, TikTok announced intentions to alter the material displayed on its For You page (FYP), the app’s home screen.

Tiktok is Removing Videos from Your Feed – Will You be Affected?

The app claims it wants to change the FYP algorithm in order to break up clusters of videos on topics it deems detrimental.

“As we continue to develop new strategies to interrupt repetitive patterns, we’re looking at how our system can better vary the kinds of content that may be recommended in a sequence,” In a blog post, TikTok stated.

The company went on to say that they’re working hard to figure out if their system “inadvertently” promotes certain types of content that could harm someone’s mental health if it’s the majority of what they read.

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Loneliness, excessive dieting, fitness, melancholy, and breakup messages are examples of content that are good to consume in a single video but “problematic if viewed in clusters,” according to the social media giant because it might “reinforce a bad emotional experience.

TikTok claims that their study is influenced by a variety of professionals, including doctors, clinical psychologists, and AI ethics experts, as well as the general public.

The FYP’s current algorithm generates the rest of the feed based on metrics like how long a viewer hovers over the material.

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Tik Tok’s FYP page is updating in order to limit hazardous video content.

If a user sees a financial advising video, for example, the FYP will suggest more of the same.

This function has been criticised in the past, particularly after an investigation by The Wall Street Journal revealed how readily young people may acquire an apparently endless stream of unusual content.

The firm, which in September topped 1 billion members, stated that user safety and encouraging diverse content are both essential to them.

They hope that by tweaking the current algorithm, each person’s For You feed will have a “wide range of content, authors, and topics.

TikTok also revealed ideas for a tool that would allow users to customise and identify the kind of video they don’t want to see.


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