On Twitter, a video showing Ned Fulmer cheating has been making the rounds on social media. City of Moon, a TikToker, alerted her followers and fans of the hypothetical Gist via social media. Mainly on Reddit and TikTok, this was performed. Ned Fulmer, a member of The Try Guys, was let off from the programme after claiming to having an extramarital affair with his wife Ariel Fulmer. Internet users believed that the father of two had an extramarital affair with Alexandria Herring from Food Babies.

Try Guys Ned Fulmer After confessing to cheating on his wife Ariel, was fired from Try Guys:

The profile images on the official Try Guys accounts were also replaced from cartoon depictions of each member to the company logo. Fulmer was unfollowed from their Twitter and Instagram profiles. The announcement was made hours after Reddit images purportedly depicted Fulmer kissing Alexandria Herring in a New York City club.

Ned Fulmer has established a reputation for being devoted to and proud of his wife in several of the group’s videos. Undoubtedly, news of the most recent accusations against him shocked people.

Many others compared him to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, who has recently been the target of several infidelity accusations. Others criticised the member of The Try Guys online and expressed their displeasure with him.

Who is Alexandria Herring?

Alexandria, often known as Alex by many admirers, has been a member of The Try Guys for a very long period. She has appeared in numerous videos on their YouTube channel over the years, which has helped her establish a strong online presence.
Alexandria has never stated how old she is, however according to her LinkedIn profile, she graduated in 2014. She should therefore be around 30 years old in 2022 if she was between the ages of 22 and 24 at the time, which is the typical age of recent college graduates.

She originally encountered a very well YouTubers when they were members of Buzzfeed, prior to the joining The Try Guys solo channel. The successfully transitioning with Herring on a variety of videos that they utilized to market The Shallows. She highlighted her time worked with them in an interview, saying:

“I was such a big Try Guys fan. I was so excited. I remember my first week working there, I was walking around getting a tour of the facilities and I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Keith’… And the guys are so great and so funny. It was really cool to see them in their element and nothing was scripted.”

Who are The Try Guys?

Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfeld established The Try Guys while they already worked at BuzzFeed. During 2014, they made their premiere video in which they explored with women’s lingerie.

Roughly 101 million people watched their videos on the BuzzFeed Channel on youtube. The team quit the outlet early 2018 to launch their own channel and production house. This unique channel has 7.8 million subscribers and over 2.2 billion watchers.


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