Watch Aima Baig Concert, she Faced Inappropriate Situation During her Concert In Punjab College: Crowd Shouted Sorry, Sorry

Watch Aima Baig Faced Inappropriate Situation During Her Concert In Punjab College:

Watch video of Aima Baig threatening to leave the concert and facing an inappropriate situation during her concert in Punjab college.

A video from Aima recent concert at Punjab groups of colleges in Gujranwala has been doing the rounds on social media, in which the Baazi singer is seen schooling a front-row concert attendee.

“Go at the back,” Aima told the young guy, before asking security to help remove him from the front row.

But ignore him and said,

“peechy jao.peechy jao isko peechy kren sary”

Aims deserve to take a bow for her patience. She argued that if that man is continuing to stay here then she will definitely going to leave the show.

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Aima threatens to leave concert after crowd turns disobedient:


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She then addressed the crowd, saying, “If you guys misbehave, I’ll go back…”

“Because of one person like him, everything gets ruined for everybody else who’s here to enjoy,” added Aima.

The crowd was then heard apologising to the singer. Then Aima says I will definitely perform for you.


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