Stage dancer Khushboo Khan Broke the Silence. Extra-junior artist Kashif Chan, who made videos of stage actors changing clothes from the hidden camera at the Shalimar Theater, was arrested by the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Cell.

Viral Videos of Actresses Silk, Zara Khan and Mehak Noor – Stage dancer Khushboo Broke the Silence about Kashif Chan:

The statement of stage actress Khushboo Khan also came to light. Actress Khushboo Khan says that Kashif Chan is lying, the truth will come out and everyone will know at whose request Kashif Chan is taking his name.

The actresses whose videos were made include actress Zara Khan, Mehka Noor and Silk.

It may be recalled that extra junior artist Kashif Chan has said in his video statement that he was asked by stage actress Khushbu Khan to make a video and also got money.

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It was Khushboo Khan who gave him an app installed on his mobile which secretly made videos.

Khushboo Khan Press Conference:

The FIA ​​Crime Cell has also forensics Kashif Chen’s mobile phone and collect details of the videos sent.


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