Houston Mocha Fest Video Viral on Social Media. We are going to talk about Mocha Fest mogul fest was just a big festival. And it’s different locations all over the world.

Mocha Fest looks like a big orgy mocha Fest is a big orgy nastiness all across the board people in swimming.

Swimming suits near the pool just doing the nasty with their mouths it was insane complete strangers Downing each other and taking shots of Patron.

It was a lot of Patron different flavours of Patron and people were doing which we can’t even show you here but we will provide you with a link to watch the clips.

Watch Houston Mocha Fest Video Viral on Social Media

It’s a big Festival like a big Festival swimming party or like a pool party everybody listening to music and dancing and jumping in the pool.

And I don’t know what happened it just got nasty people just started getting nasty and Reckless like people just start doing too much.

You know it started out as a good thing you know a bunch of black people getting together and having a good time like it just started out as a good thing great thing for the culture.

And then it turned into a literally freak Show I mean orgy style and this Festival happens in different parts of the world.

So this Festival happened in Houston and now you’re hearing reports of syphilis in Houston running rampant like viral syphilis all over Houston as a result of this Festival

Wild Mocha Fest Video of Public Deeds is not for the faint-hearted:

One guy got on stage and he started talking to all the people he said no recording does not record this but there were people recording and that’s how we got a hold of the footage.

People were recording at the mocha Fest and the girl pulled the other girl’s swimsuit to the side and she was just doing some things with her mouth.

And then the guy had the girl on his shoulders right and he was holding her with his face toward her stomach and he was just doing some things with his mouth.

This girl okay this guy he was just dancing you know he had his Funk trunks on and one bald-headed girl pulled his swim trunks down.

She was doing things with her mouth and then a girl next to her looked then she moved out of the way then another girl did some things with her mouth.

And then another girl was just standing by the side and she was just all girls around him just doing these things with their mouth.

Now these festivals these orgy shows are dangerous to man it’s dangerous to see that’s where the monkey pox came from these freak shows these festivals.

The video was first shared by a Twitter user and then it got viral all over the internet. Here is the video.

And now people just get together and just screw each other it sounds fun but it’s bad unsanitary Unholy.

And gross a complete stranger somebody you never ever met you don’t know who got AIDS in the crowd.

WATCH IShowSpeed flashed his MEAT on stream

There are people out there with AIDS going to these festivals and just doing bad and they’d be like the main ones starting to freakiness the ones that be having HIV and AIDS.

They’d be like the main ones starting the freakiness sprinting and stuff spreading the stuff you need to be careful out here don’t be going to these wild parties.

You might mess around and catch something you can’t get rid of people out here are dying they go to a party and then they die.

You know you can’t just be letting any and everybody touch you just can’t let any and everybody do things to you.

Because it’s a dangerous world and Mocha Festival is dangerous. keep your clothes if you go on the mocha Fest keep your clothes keep your shorts on don’t let anybody do anything to you because it’s bad at mocha Fest. Follow us on Facebook. Thanks


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