Lil Meech gets caught on camera going to cheat on Summer Walker. Yesterday Summer Walker let the world know that she was done with Little Meech because of all of his cheating. So she posted on her IG stories yesterday and tried my best to be Jada’s waiter.

But I couldn’t it was cute though I wish him the best can’t do that cheating stuff.

So today a video has been going around of little Meech walking with the female inside her apartment.

Watch Lil Meech gets caught on camera going to cheat on Summer Walker:

Now fans are saying this is one of the women he had to be cheating on Summer Walker. Now Meech saw this video floating around and this is what he had to say.

I can’t help my cousin bring the bathroom house we went to the grocery store.

Lil Meech gets caught on camera:

Man yeah, that little smirk at the end of the video is giving a liar in my opinion now he said they went to the grocery store.

And he was helping her bring in groceries but where’s the groceries I do see something on his arm.

But whatever it is when he left he had that same thing under his arm. Now he was in there 17 minutes that’s long enough for me to do what you need to do and go on about your business.

lil meech got caught on somebody’s door camera.

But Meech is so young he’s only 23 years old and on top of that he has this newfound Fame now he was already kind of popular because his dad is Big Meech.

And a lot of people did know that was his son but it was so many people who did not know who he was or anything of that nature.

But now that he’s on BMF I mean that’s a whole new different level of popularity and it seems like he’s just enjoying it and sorting his Royal oats.

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I don’t see him being faithful anytime soon I think Summer needs to find somebody who’s a little bit more mature and a little bit more settled.

Because she does have three kids now I think he did enjoy being with her and he enjoys the kids because he loves babies but this boy is 23 and he’s famous.

Lil Meech’s Response on Social Media:

Lil Meech reacts to viral TikTok video of him, says he was helping his cousin take groceries in the house.

Now he’s gonna have his fun and Summer did do the right thing by walking away and leaving because yeah he has a long way to go.

If he ever gets there because some men never get there but I do want to know what you guys feel about all of this.

Who do you believe, do you believe me when he said he was with his cousin and helping her bring in the groceries or do you feel like he was caught red-handed you guys leave your comments below. Follow us.


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