wBBC Presenter Huw Edwards Photos and Video Viral on Social Media. The BBC is on the edge of a crisis that could make the Phillip Schofield Saga look like a mere footnote in broadcasting history.

The mother of this teenager was allegedly paid by a BBC staff for expl!cit p**n*graphic pictures.

It was told pleaded with the organization on May 19th to take this presenter off the air.

And to stop him from doing what could be eventually found to be by police a vile crime the poor teenager in question may have been 17 but under the Protection of children act 1978.

BBC Presenter Huw Edwards Photos and Video Viral on Social Media:

It is an offence to make distribute possess or show any indecent images of anyone under 18 even with consent.

It’s also a criminal offence to ask a child under 18 to send an s3*ual image of themselves causing or inciting s3*ual exploitation of a child carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

So whatever show this presenter is famous for his next appearance could be on another BBC program crime watch.

Have the BBC learned nothing from the horrors of the Jimmy Savile Sc@ndal arguably Britain’s worst paedophile some of whose horrific crimes were committed on BBC property?

And his status as a BBC star gave him the power and authority to evade Justice for so long that the BBC News night show at the time was going to run a troubling investigation into Savile’s Behavior.

But it was pulled by the broadcaster because they were planning a tribute to the Bejeweled tracksuit-wearing monster at the time like the Roman Catholic church and the paedophilia Sc@ndal.

That they suffered the BBC moved fast to protect its own and turned a blind eye for years while there are worrying Echoes of Savile here with the alleged star not only receiving his salary rather than facing suspension.


Which they have now finally done but with the mirror reporting that he partied with BBC bosses at a posh awards ceremony weeks after the complaint was made by this desperate mother.

Yeah, the male newspaper reports the presenter is on a six-figure salary well that’s not surprising.

The fact that this individual could find the eye-watering sum of 35 000 pounds to fulfil his alleged sick fantasies shows how wildly overpaid some of these presenters are and how Brazen fearless and Untouchable.

So many of them feel the arrogance of a well-known BBC star allegedly exp0sing himself metaphorically.

And we are told literally shows the growing Chasm between ordinary people who have to follow the law and behave themselves and state-funded superstars who think they can do what the hell they like.

People don’t care about the presenter when his or her identity is revealed its career over but the damage to the bib itself is potentially Limitless.

The behaviour of this presenter reflects the state broadcasters’ lofty status as management presenters and producers luxuriate in the Ivory Tower of the broadcasting house.

And TV Center bankrolled to the tune of billions by hard-pressed grannies who face jail.

If they don’t cough up 159 quid it’s my view that the BBC must name this individual as a matter of urgency.

Because at the moment it’s very unfair that innocent people in the public eye are being linked wrongly to this story.

So let’s confirm I am delighted to say that Rylan Clark Jeremy Vine and Gary Lineker are entirely innocent.

And it’s a disgrace that they were dragged into this in the first place the only thing those boys are guilty of is crimes against television.

And let’s not forget at the heart of this is a human being and I don’t mean a privileged presenter popping one out on his iPad.

I mean this teenager whose mother has said was using the money to fund a spiralling crack cocaine Addiction in a sense we as licensed fee payers bankrolled.

The purchase of those drugs this mum told the SUN on Sunday the following she said,

we just wanted the BBC to tell him to stop I’ve had three years of Hell the impact of this has been terrifying in my mind that man was supplying the crack my child wouldn’t have access to this money if it wasn’t for him if it goes on then my child is going to wind up dead my kid went from a happy-go-lucky youngster to a ghost-like crack addict in just three years.

This is a sc@ndal of Epic Proportions which threatens not just the career of a famous unnamed star but the future of our national broadcaster all together this pervert presenter will likely go on trial but the BBC will face Judgment day too.

Foreign takes any allegation seriously and we have robust internal processes in place to proactively deal with such allegations they go on to say.

This is a complex and fast-moving set of circumstances the BBC is working as quickly as possible to establish the facts in order to properly inform appropriate next steps.

It’s important that these matters are handled fairly and with care, we can confirm a male member of Staff has been suspended.

I said he or she just to be on the safe side but it looks like the BBC can confirm it is a male Talent at the BBC.

The BBC first became aware they say of a complaint in May new allegations were put to us on Thursday of a different nature and in addition to our own inquiries.

We have also been in touch with the upcoming updates for now we don’t have the details.

And e do not know the veracity of the claims being made by this mother we do not know about the victim and their alleged or otherwise drug habit.

We don’t know whether this presenter this star is guilty or not but the bottom line is that it raises major questions it raises more questions than it answers.

Should the bib reveal the name of this individual particularly given that innocent folk like Gary Lineker and Jeremy Vider are being dragged into this very unfairly what do you think Market? Follow us on Facebook.


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