Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm Thefanbus Video viral on Twitter. The Fan Bus meeting video viral on other online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

The update on Kelsey and Dabb’s Video Leaked on Twitter has been a matter of gossip and controversy for many people all over the world.

Are you curious to know what happened between Kelsey and Dabb when they met on a Fan Bus? Then read this article.

Kelsey Lawrence Thefanvan Video – Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm Thefanbus Video

As per online sources, Dabb who is a comedian and famous for his comedy skits and Kelsey who is famous for her makeup and beauty tips have been trending after they had a meeting on the fanbus.

Dabb and Kelsey Fanbus Update: Video Viral On Twitter!

If you don’t know about the updates related to this viral Telegram video of Kelsey and Dabb, then you should read this post.

A video of Kelsey and Dabb was circulating on Twitter. Kelsey once expressed that she had a crush on the famous influencer, Dabb. So, the Fan Bus platform was given a chance to have a meeting in the Fan Bus.

Dabb and Kelsey Fan Bus Viral video!

Dabb and Kelsey had a meeting in the Fan Bus and everyone was excited to see the meeting for Dabb and Kelsey.

Kelsey who is a makeup artist and famous for her makeup tutorials had a crush on Dabb, who performs comedy skits.

The video of their meeting viral on Youtube and many other sites. Fans were curious to know what happened in the meeting.

They can watch the video on several online social media platforms. The moment when Dabb appeared in front of Kelsey was worth watching.

Instagram Profiles of Kelsey and Dabb!


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A post shared by Kelsey Lawrence💕 (

Kelsey Lawrence is a 3 feet 10 inches woman and is famous for her makeup videos. She has 155K followers on her IG account.

She had 24 posts on her account. On the other hand, Dabb Gasm has around 82k followers on her IG account. He has around 177 posts on his Instagram profile.


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A post shared by Quartavius pate (@dabb.gasmmm)

More Details On The Fan Bus Platform!

Fan Bus is a platform provided to people who are interested in meeting new people. It provides you with a destination where you can express your desires and affection to meet your crush.

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Dabb and Kelsey Fan Bus moment was trending on social media. A few days back the video of Baby Alien was also trending online.

So, it has given a chance to many famous personalities, and their video was posted on YouTube and many other sources.

Kelsey Lawrence:

Where is the video of Kelsey Lawrence and Dabb Gasm?

You can find the trending Telegram video on many online sites. This video is available on YouTube channels, and Twitter handles, and many people have shared it on Tiktok.

People were excited to see the trending video as it garnered the views of thousands of people.

There are various short clips of this viral Dabb and Kelsey Fanbus video and these are also available in the shorts section of YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: We have given facts based on the facts available online. There are not many facts available on the online platform. So, we mentioned reports based on a few updates.


Summing up this post here, we learned that Dabb and Kelsey are trending because of their latest fan bus moment. What are your views on Kelsey and Dabb’s Video on Twitter? Kindly comment. And do not forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates.


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