Montgomery Chair Fight Video from Albama Riverfront Dock Yard Brawl. Montgomery Alabama’s mayor reacting to a fight between two groups on the city’s Riverfront saying it never should have happened.

A man punches the man who was on the pontoon and then we see the fighting erupting again this time there appear to be more than a dozen people involved.

At one point a woman is thrown into the water there is also footage appearing to show someone being hit by a chair.

Montgomery Chair Fight Video from Albama Riverfront Dock Yard Brawl:

Videos of the incident went viral the person recording this one telling that it started because a pontoon boat was blocking the spot where the Riverboat was.

She was on needed to dock she says the crew Men from her boat disembarked and you see the fight starting right there people just running over and joining.

Then it just turned into this massive all-out bra groups punching shoving kicking at one point someone even ends up in the water.

The mayor says they are now investigating the incident something that we take very seriously and deliberately as with any matter that happens throughout our city.

Regarding Public Safety we are fully engaged and we are doing all of our due diligence to find out exactly what took place let’s bring in Priscilla Thompson who’s been monitoring all the latest developments.

he said,

when I saw this video over the weekend I had to re-watch it because I couldn’t wrap my brain up around what was actually happening what do we know about what happened here and where this investigation stands.

Very shocking video I’ll start with the investigation at this hour officials say that they are reviewing the video of these.

This incident and that there could be more arrest warrants that are coming but for now we know that investigators have issued four arrest warrants so far.

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Though no arrests have actually been made to your point about this video and what exactly happened Witnesses say that,

this Riverboat Cruise was trying to dock and they had repeatedly asked the owner of that pontoon to move the boat after no one moved the boat that was when a crewman got off of the Riverboat and began to appear to untie the Pontoon very quickly.

Witnesses say the folks who that pontoon belonged to came down there were several minutes of a very heated conversation.

And then you see in that video a man shove the worker that was trying to help and Chaos ensues within seconds of that happening.

I want to play a little bit of what one of the Witnesses on that riverboat described in terms of how all this unfolded take a listen we were all on the boat and witnessing our poor crewman being attacked by these guys.

And we couldn’t do anything about it we were forced to be Spectators it didn’t have to turn into the Brawl Of course but the brawl occurred because of the anger and the emotions and the frustration all of us were feeling foreign.

And what she’s talking about in that last sound bite is that once the Riverboat docks it appears that you see several people running off the boat running over to the Pontoon.

Arrest warrants issued for 3 men in a massive fight at Montgomery riverfront dock:

So just an incredibly disturbing event and the mayor is now speaking out about this I want to play a little bit of what he said or read a little bit of what he said in a statement saying,

the Montgomery Police Department acted swiftly to detain several Reckless individuals for attacking a man who was doing his job warrants have been signed and Justice will be served those who chose violence will be held accountable by our criminal justice system.

And one of the conversations that we’re seeing happening online is people noting the racial dynamics of the situation that it was a black worker and appeared to be a group of white folks.

When this altercation began police were asked today if they were reviewing this as a potentially racially charged incident.

Montgomery, Alabama riverfront brawl: Authorities provide timeline:

The police declined to say if they were or were not but said that they are continuing to investigate. Follow us on Facebook. Thanks


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