Phoenix Police say they caught a Killer in the case of Lauren Heike. She disappeared one week ago. Court documents now Reveal she was stabbed more Than a dozen times hiking on a Phoenix trail near Scottsville Road in the 101.

And in just The last few hours, detectives Say or murder appears random And Lauren fought off that Attack.

But her injuries were Too DNA evidence and other Police work led to the arrest Of 22-year-old Zion William Teasley.

What we know about Lauren Heike’s alleged killer Zion William Teasley:

Learning more About the suspect’s criminal Past. Records show Zion Teasley had taken in Twenty-twenty and that’s how He was added to the criminal Database after he was arrested For crimes.

Zion Teasley was arrested on Thursday. Phoenix police say He killed Lauren Heike. Court documents show this Is not his first run-in with Law enforcement.

The statement also mentioned the DNA evidence of being arrested in 2020 for Robbing circle k 6 different Times.

He was facing 13 felony Counts but a plea deal reduces Charges to 3 felonies for Robbery, disorderly conduct And armed robbery.

Zion was Sentenced to 3 years and was Released from prison in November. Speaking with a former neighbour of his Who considered him like Family.

She did not want to share a name but said she was Shocked. And I’m just hoping That you know, it’s if he Didn’t do it, I’m just hoping That this is a state court Document showing the adult Probation department Considered Teasley a medium to Low-risk level.

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When it came to sending the documents go on to say that Teasley was drinking More due to depression in Several triggers.

He was Dealing with it and he acknowledged he was in need of Alcohol treatment. Now, 3 Years later, documents say that Teasley told detectives That he struggling with his own s3xuality.

And that when he saw a photo of Lauren, he allegedly said he recognized her from the news and stated he wanted to look like or honestly that.

I want to say its name because It doesn’t matter to me. What Matters to us is getting Justice for Lauren and her Family.

Lauren Heike’s alleged killer Zion Teasley:

5 days after Lauren Was stabbed to death 15 times Teasley had a routine meeting With his probation officer the Next day detectives met that Same officer.

And showed him video Footage that helped identify 2 Slain. I’m unable to speak to Is the whys behind what he did.

Lauren Heike Murder: Police officials release new details in homicide investigation:

Police say Teasley was recently terminated from his job for Being aggressive toward female Employees.

And management said He routinely carried a pocket Knife. police say that the blade is Consistent with the wounds Found on Lauren during her Autopsy Teasley. It will be in Court.

JUST IN: New information reveals that Phoenix murder suspects Zion William Teasley, who was allegedly responsible for stalking and murdering Lauren Heike, showed signs of gender dysphoria.

According to investigators, Teasley murdered Heike because he “wanted to look like her” as he was confused about his own s3xuality.

Prosecutors believe Teasley had planned the murder and booked an escape flight to Detroit.

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