What Is Free Desk Software?

Free help desk software refers to a tools that can help your business convert customer issues and request into tickets. Support agents can track these tickets from their help desk inbox, prioritize urgent requests and collaborate with other team members for faster resolution.

1. Proprofs Help Desk

Proprofs help desk it offers A 15-days free premium trial so your team can explore the various features and make the right purchase decision.

when a customer contacts you via email, live chat, or fills out a form, ProProfs Help Desk can automatically create a ticket and route it to the right person on your team for assistance.

For example, You can create a dedicated knowledge base and choose to keep it private to your team, uses or public to everyone.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is a popular free online helpdesk ticketing system that can automate your support process. you can integrate Zendesk service with Zendesk CRM to ensure all customer information is in one place with Zendesk, there are a number of ways your business can encourage customer self-service.

For example, you can create an integrated help Center to allow users to solve problems are their own pace. also, you can build a community around your product or service so that customers and prospects can interact with each other.

Zendesk’s projects includes:

Free tiral: 14-days

suite team: $49/agent/month

suite development: $79/agent/month

suite professional: $99/agent/month

3. SysAid

SysAid offers a free IT ticketing system that helps you prioritize, organize and route tickets automatically. you can create a self-service portal and allow both employees as well as customers to solve their common IT problems on their own.

For example, As a support team, you can manage all of your information Technologies assets directly within your help desk. Even your support representatives can see all asset data and record within each ticket and resolve issues much faster.

Top features of SysAid

Meet your SLAs while automatically routing tickets to agents. View all relevant help desk KPIs and metrics in one place customize your help desk UI to match your brand look and feel.

SysAid projects include:

Free trial: 30-days
Pricing: not mentioned.

4. Spice works

Spiceworks offers a free support ticket system that can help get your support team up and running in no time.

you can create a custom user self-service portal that end users can use to submit tickets, track progress and access other information.
Additionally, with spiceworks, You can track key help desk matics from a reporting dashboard.

For example, you can monitor the number of new tickets, unassigned tickets, average first response time, average ticket closed time, and other relevant performance indicators.

Key features of SpiceWorld:

  • Automatically assigned tickets to support agents that are that best for the job.
  • Your projects’ progress can be easily tracked in one place.
  • Track new tickets and keep an eye on the typical first response time for your team.
  • On tickets that are only viewable to your teams, add private comments.

5. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an amni-channel help desk system that has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. This tool equips your support team with more context and automation capabilities to proactively understand customer needs and meet their expectations.
Freshdesk helps you to engage with consumers on their preferred platforms. For example, you can manage support conversations across channels like live chat, email, phone, social media and more.

Is help desk ticketing software easy to use and helpful?

While some help desk systems offer a simple and easy to use interface, there can be a little complicated. However, the right tool can help centralize all customer support interaction and automate your support processes.

How to setup free help desk software?

Here are some steps you can take to setup your free help desk software:

  1. Use a free trial/paid plan and create your helpdesk account.
  2. Use your communication channels to support customers.
  3. Configure agent roles are permissions.
  4. Create and publish a knowledge base.
  5. start resolving support tickets.


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