Blueface tweeted his son’s private part picture and faced high-note criticism. He tweeted that his son is suffering from a disease called hernia. Blueface did this to defame his girlfriend, Christian Rock. Meanwhile, internet users have shown negative comments about the rapper’s online behaviour.

The 26-year-old American rapper and artist Christian Rock have a baby together. His name is Christian Jesus Malone Jr.

They used to be together but are no longer together. People who know the ex-couple already see they never miss a chance to insult each other on Twitter.

That being said, Blueface may have gone too far when he posted a picture of his and Chrisean’s baby son’s private parts while he was upset about his baby’s mom.

Blueface tweeted a picture of his newborn child’s hernia.

But now the tweet has been removed, but he wrote,”

“This is what my son’s d**k looks like, and she’s worried about me and lil baby c**t like bih get our son c**t right then do what you want.”

he also posted a picture of his son’s pen**is with the caption:  “ Baby still ain’t had the surgery for his hernia.”  

He also said on Twitter that Chrisean wasn’t a good mother because she put their child’s health behind “clout.”

Blueface tried to explain why he told everyone about his son’s illness; he wanted to hold Chrisean responsible and ensure the baby got treatment.

People on Twitter were upset by the picture. Many people were mad at Blueface for posting the picture, and some were mad at Christian.

Chrisean Reaction on sharing Their child Picture

She was shocked and tearful after seeing her son’s private image. Blueface is blamed for their health.

Blueface said Christian was purposely delaying and skipping important doctor visits so their son could not get the surgery he needed.

Some tweets from Blueface said that the baby “still ain’t had the surgery for his hernia” and that Christian was to blame for “pushing the surgery back and missing the appointments.”

Anger at Blueface Posting Photo of Baby’s Hernia

Blueface was immediately criticized for posting his infant son’s hernia-afflicted genitals. Most people called Blueface’s decision an unacceptable violation of his baby’s privacy.

Many called it child exploitation. Critics highly condemned the rapper’s graphic child exposure.

Everyone agreed that baby-related graphic content should never have been posted online. Most thought Blueface’s announcement of his son’s health was horrible and unacceptable.


Blueface thought what he did was okay because he wanted to bring attention to his son’s health problems, but most people thought he violated the baby’s privacy rights and human respect. No one liked his posts because they were seen as too much information that could hurt the baby in the long run.

Overall, everyone agrees that this type of matter should be solved privately. Unfortunately, Blueface let his fight with Chrisean get in the way of being a good dad.

Blueface tweeted his son’s Picture:


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