Dillon Danis posts videos of Logan Paul’s Girlfriend Nina Agdal on Twitter. Hello guys, I am sure you are all aware of the Dillon Danis Logan Paul and his fiancee Nina Agdal situation.

Let’s get into it Dillon Danis had a live stream yesterday with Aiden Ross During the live stream Dillon Danis previewed the nuclear photo to Aiden Ross. Read this article because we will explain to you the real story behind this viral trend.

Dillon Danis posts videos of Logan Paul’s Girlfriend Nina Agdal on Twitter

Dillon has been claiming to have been in possession of this picture of Logan Paul’s fiance doing something sc@ndal0us.

And quite that we don’t know but apparently he showed Andrew Taylor. Andrew Tay has confirmed that is a really bad picture of her.

Well, the following day a video of Logan Paul’s fiance viral on the internet. They are a legend as Logan Paul’s fiance imma showing you guys a video that demonstrates what she’s doing inside of that video.

Then a joke started flying people couldn’t believe that Logan Paul was gonna stand next to his wife after a video went viral of her squabbling meet.

I am talking about snorting Goblin gargling straight up boss but it turns out that Logan Paul beat the accusations.

Because Logan Paul and his fiancee claim the video isn’t heard it’s actually of another girl who just looks really like her.

Drama Alert even put out a post saying the video isn’t of Logan Paul’s girlfriend but before Logan could even breathe.

But before he could come up with it and enjoy this there was another video that hit the internet of a man breaking down.

How he piped down Logan Paul’s fiancee and got her to gobble some meat all it took for him to get her to gobble some me foreign era.

So I can’t even speak as if that is true all I can say is based on people who know Nina and Logan Paul’s fiance in real life.

People who knew her before the chronicle fame or before she moved up in life actually describe her personality as promiscuous.

Logan Paul’s Fiancée Nina Agdal Reportedly Not The Woman In Video

And they describe her as a girl whose story isn’t too far-fetched from what they knew her as on Halloween.

This is a costume that is not real so Nina does have a reputation for being a social climber and for looking for what they call the BBD.

Not the BBD that you know Adam 22’s girl took recently talking for the bigger better deal she went from an awesome DJ to an awesome real estate guy in Miami.

Then she went to Joe Jonas then she upgraded to Maroon 5 then she went to Leonardo Dicaprio.

And now she’s one of the biggest guys in the world Logan Paul she dated some of his friends personally and he knows her entire track record.

He can confirm that she was really promiscuous she was smashing on DJs then she moved up.

Logan Paul’s Girlfriend Nina Agdal

So you know if she was that promiscuous then I am more inclined to believe the story that she was gobbling meat after a Coke binge.

Now the guy who alleges Logan Paul’s fiancee gobbled his meat after a Coke binge he actually dropped another video giving Logan Paul some advice to get rid of Nina.

I had my phone with her Everyone in Hollywood’s having fun with that all the rich young superstars have had their way with her.

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Logan Paul’s Fiancé, Nina Agdal BUSTED | How to see the FULL VIDEO

Why would you be with such a woman get rid of her get George back get rid of Mike. Logan Paul you are young you are handsome you have a lot of money you are in great shape you have a lot of respect from other men.

Why would you choose to throw away having respect from other men you know being well respected being somebody who’s looked at in high esteem.

Why would you throw that all away to date Nina if you got all the tangibles why would you choose to date a girl that everybody had?

That’s what I don’t understand right but apparently, Logan Paul knows what he’s doing he’s a multi-millionaire. Follow us on Facebook for more updates. Thanks


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