Porta Potty Fight video at Morgan Wallen Concert – Romper Stomper at PNC Park. Today we got another Brawl news and this time it’s not a riverboat in Alabama.

Instead, it’s a porta-potty battle at a Morgan Whalen concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Four unidentified female Morgan Whalen fans got into a nasty fight Wednesday in the bathrooms at the Country Stars concert in Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. One of them was named Romper Stomper.

Porta Potty Fight video at Morgan Wallen Concert – Romper Stomper at PNC Park

A viral video of the brawl posted on social media starts with a woman in a white knit cardigan seemingly guarding a porta-potty stall which upsets a woman in a pink Fringe top.

It’s unclear why exactly they are so angry as they shove and push each other until they finally fall into an open toilet.

just as an innocent potty goer rushes out of it, two more women seemingly one on each team enter the fight as the white cardigan Fan’s head appears to be inches away from the unsanitary toilet seats.

We have a photo here of the incident showing the actual footage of the fighting:

Porta Potty Fight Video Brawl Romper Stomper At Morgan Wallen
Porta Potty Fight Video Brawl Romper Stomper At Morgan Wallen

The fight started between these two women, One woman opened the door she had no idea what the hell was going on.

One of the newcomers wearing a blue Romper and white cowboy boots drags the other out of the porta potty by their hair before kicking and punching the woman in the pink top.

The fight ends when the woman in the blue Romper fails to close one of the women in his stall The fire emerges from the fighter from the loot and falls onto the ground in front of it.

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The post has contacted Reps for Waylon PNC Park and the Pittsburgh Police for comment. It’s unclear whether the last Knight singer even knew about the brawl.

But people on X the platform previously known as Twitter had lots to say about it.

one X user joked,

These Boots Were Made for stomping

People were really hoping for a swirly or something another chuckled and here we have a video.

One woman was making sure everything was all good with the Stalls and then somebody said they got cut in front.

It’s somebody mad about Porta-Potty usage Apparently you don’t want to cut in front of people at the porta-potty.

Near the end of the video, you can kind of see her say something about her daughter and her husband one of them being epileptic perhaps or just having a medical situation.

So you know a woman in the white cardigan came out on top with help from the baby blue jumper Crusader in the white boots was there at the end as well. Follow us on Facebook for more updates. Thanks

Romper Stomper’ Dalanie DiSabato Tells Her Side Of The Morgan Wallen Porta Potty Brawl



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